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You must realize that you’re a new creation, born of the Word and Spirit of the Lord

They are not of the world, even as I am not of the world (John 17:16).

There’re those who say that having received the life of Christ, you still have your old nature. That’s not true, according to the Scriptures. You don’t have two natures; you have only one, and it’s the nature of God. The question however is, “Where do you live? With what consciousness do you function?” As Christians, we live simultaneously in two worlds. Once you’re born again, you’re alive to God; you’re awakened to the fatherhood of God and to the reality of the Kingdom of God.

You must realize that you’re a new creation, born of the Word and Spirit of the Lord. Therefore, even though you’re in this world, you’re not of the world. When the Lord Jesus said, “I’m from above”; the Jews sneered at Him. They knew He was born physically in Nazareth; yet He said to them, “I’m from above.” They were offended at Him because they didn’t understand spiritual realities. Jesus told the truth about His origin and identity. Like Him, you’re from above. You have the same life and nature with Him. This is who you are now; not who you’re “trying” or “growing” to be. When a woman gives birth, the baby doesn’t become more human as he grows. No matter how small the baby is at birth or the fact that he doesn’t walk immediately, can’t sit, eat, and talk; he’s still completely human. It’s the same with you; you’re hundred percent divine. You’re of God; you hail from Him. Your origin is in Him. You’re not of this world! This is the reality. .


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