Healed of growth and severe pains at his back, shoulder and neck while watching Atmosphere for Miracles with Pastor Chris

The message from today changed my life and moreover, I have to testify of a miracle that partook when I was watching AFM today. I had a pinched nerve 6 days ago and the pain was getting worse by the day, when I woke up today at 8:05 I tuned in to the message and when Pastor started to pray, He said we must stretch our hands to the TV when He prays and He prayed exactly about the pains and growth I was having on my back, shoulder and neck and I knew a miracle was going to take place in my body. I felt things like bubbles popping on the affected area and it followed by heat and I knew I was healed. I want to thank the Man of God for being part of our lives. Thank you JESUS for Pastor Chris Oyakhilome PHD.

Makhosi from Eastern Cape S.A

Blessed by the teachings of Pastor Chris on TV

Since 2006, when I started watching AFM and Pastor Chris Teaching on national TV in Zimbabwe, my faith has grown continuously and I have learnt how to face challenges with the giant killer mentality. I just know my life tends upwards and forwards only. Success is my lifestyle.
Thank you for coming at such a time like this

Bidwell from Zimbabwe

Healed of Lump on the neck as Pastor Chris Prays for Viewers

I was healed on Pastor Chris program Atmosphere for Miracle. Praise the Lord, there was a lump on my neck, I was told by so many people its cancer but I haven't check up at the hospital, I was really afraid. I was scared of dead, sometimes I just sit and think of the hurting and pain and sickness in my life. I always look at my wife and my kids and I start to lose weight, I watch Pst. Chris minister to a lady she was diagnosed, that night I stand up I start to speak as Pst. Chris spoke. I felt in my inside heart, something shock me. I was praying after Pst. Chris leading to salvation. I was born again, I am healed when the Man of God said touch every part of your body is pain and receive your healing I did as he said. From that day I transform, my mind with God's Word, I renew my mind, word I spoke is new, I was encourage now and empower by member from CE Tonga about the life I have, our family are happy and joy I refuse anything from my circumstances regard the situation. Praise God!

Maifonu from Tonga

Miraculously healed of an Affliction of the body while watching a DVD of Pastor Chris

We overcame by the blood of the lamb and by the word of our testimony. Rev.12 vs11.....My whole life has been made whole after watching and listening to Pastor Chris message via Do you believe in miracles?. The sickness, pain, hotness and yellowish urinate all over my being/body stopped completely when pastor begin ministering healing to the Sick. I am happy I have been restored, regain my life back in Jesus name, Amen.. I love u Pastor Chris.

Jimoh from Nigeria

Healed of A tumour in the ear

Today, I received the word of my healing at the mouth of our man of God Pastor Chris at about 7:30am. When Pastor prayed on TV, He gave the word that there is a man that had an operation in the ear were a tumour was taken out and yet, there is still disturbances in the ear; He said God has healed you! I am testifying!, that man is me. Glory to God: It was before 2009, a growth started at my right ear, I thought it was nothing but it became serious and has to be operated. But, the challenge did not stop at that. Thank God for his hand of perfection on my life and thank God with me for answering my prayer. Whenever i watch the man of God giving the word of knowledge i always seek God in my heart to give me a word; and today i got it-God is Faithful. Glory to God!

Louga from Israel


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