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The special video for this week features another set of pressing questions as asked by viewers from all around the world; such as: Is intercession a calling or is it a responsibility for every Christian? Can the dead see and hear us? Were Abel and Cain the firstborns of Adam and Eve? If yes, where did Cain get his wife from?...and other questions. Enlighten your spirit by watching this video and share what you learnt by posting a comment on this platform. God bless you.

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Prayer at 12noon and 10pm (Local/GMT) - Wed July 23

Our thinking and perspective on everything should be in the light of God’s righteousness. Learn more about walking in God’s righteousness in today’s rhapsody or visit http://rhapsodyofrealities.org

For 15min at 12noon and 10pm (Local/GMT), we'll pray fervently in the spirit. Pray about your service in the house of God; that you'll remain fervent in spirit serving the Lord, and to fulfill the purpose for which you have been called. Also pray about your business, job or academics, projects or sports. Special grace is being directed towards you today for vision, guidance and greater achievements. Hallelujah! God bless you.

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