Reach Out World Extravaganza with Pastor Chris

Reach Out World Extravaganza with Pastor Chris Reach Out World Extravaganza with Pastor Chris

“God has chosen you to help take this Gospel to the ends of the earth, He’s supplying you with continuous streams of finances.” – Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

A quantum leap, extraordinary bliss, and intense celebrations blanketed the life-changing Reachout World Extravaganza with the man of God, Reverend (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome that was held on Friday, May 6th to Saturday, May 7th, 2023. Thrilling sights of overflowing joy, sounds of outstanding testimonies, profound scripture revelations, and the pronouncement of blessings untold, clothed the 2-day phenomenal conference hosted from Nigeria and beamed live to a teeming global audience via the Rhapsody of Realities website and app, all Loveworld networks, Loveworld News Ceflix channel, and other platforms. It was a conglomeration of mighty men of faith, several of whom traveled from different parts of the world to Nigeria, with many more participating online. The heightened expectations of the participating global audience were far surpassed as they were transported to a new level of operation in spreading the Gospel through the #1 daily devotional in the world, Rhapsody of Realities. The indisputable impact of Rhapsody of Realities was brought to bear as countless testimonies were shared by the various anchors who took the podium to instill faith in the global audience over the 2-days. The global impact of the Messenger Angel which remains the only material in history translated into all 7858 discovered languages of the world was loudly celebrated. The devotional’s impact in Asia is emphatic as thousands testify of this great evangelistic tool. In South and Central America, the Rhapsody of Realities has brought hope to dozens who hitherto lived in absolute dejection. Teary moments evinced as several translators shared, in fascinating exchanges, their commendable exploits in traveling to indigenous communities and the remotest parts of the world to bless the inhabitants with copies of Rhapsody of Realities. Several translators who had traveled to Brazil, Guatemala, Indonesia, China, and different hinterlands and communities around the world were present to recount their experiences and testimonies of reaching the indigenes with the Gospel in their languages, bringing them into a life of liberty in Christ. They testified of amazing miracles of healing, salvation, and supernatural encounters on their expeditions which roused praise and thanksgiving to God almighty. Indeed, the brazen campaign to reach everyone on earth with the Gospel including the hearing and visually impaired alike is making giant strides. The mandate became clearer when the President of LoveWorld Inc., Reverend (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome further expounded the essence of this course. “The Gospel is the surest help that can get to any people,” he recounted. The man of God admonished the saints to take advantage of the window of opportunity available to reach the whole world for Jesus Christ. “We can’t waste time. The opening of the window to reach the world is timed. We can’t afford to wait too long,” Pastor Chris re-emphasized. Pastor Chris established the truth that the Gospel destroys all forms of poverty. It brings light, healing, and absolute prosperity, he remarked. An indescribable atmosphere of imperium evinced when the man of God rained prophecies on the global audience; launching them into a new and higher level of financial abundance. “Finances are coming to you in different forms; cash, assets, ideas, and placements. God has chosen you to help take this Gospel to the ends of the earth, therefore He’s supplying you with a continuous stream of finances. You have entered a new financial level by the Holy Ghost,” Pastor Chirs pronounced to the participants, steering a titillating session of prayers and praise to the Lord. The unprecedented and unforgettable encounter with divinity during this epochal event has indeed launched the saints into a realm of an unending flow of resources for the spread of the Gospel and the liberation of the lives of billions across the world. With intense zeal and faith, participants left the program poised to take advantage of the timely blessings released by the man of God and to raise the dike in their participation in the Lord’s great commission. Visit the ReachOut World website at or the Rhapsody of Realities website at to watch the rebroadcast of the program and also to get more information on how to participate in the ongoing ReachOut World campaign. Stay connected to Loveworld News for more sizzling news updates.