The First Healing Service Of The 2017 Healing School Summer Session In Canada

Expectations and excitement stirred up in an atmosphere of miracles at the Healing School.

The air was abuzz with excitement and anticipation as many from different parts of the globe trooped into the venue for a superlative experience of the Spirit.

The healing service kicked off with moments of intense prayer and intercession for the saints, as well as thanksgiving for the marvellous works that would be wrought by the hand of the Lord. The time of worship extolled the beauty and majesty of the great and mighty King. Nothing compares to His loving-kindness, and everyone present acclaimed His lordship over their lives with lifted hands and glorious songs of praise.

Tales of triumph over stroke, hypothyroidism and more inspire faith at the healing service.

Revelations 12:11 says, “...they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony.” This was manifest in the lives of those who were healed in previous Healing School sessions. One after the other, they took the stage to share their tales of the miraculous. From the human perspective, their circumstances had been written off, but with God, all things are possible. They were full of praise and joy as they inspired faith and hope in the hearts of many with their riveting testimonies.

First up was Hazel Providence, who suffered a stroke on the right side of her body. She managed the condition as best as she could, but after several similar experiences of pain and numbness in her leg, she decided to come to the Healing School. Pastor Chris ministered to her at a healing service, and that was the end of all forms of sickness in Hazel’s life.

Nadya Merchant Lakhani woke up one day and got ready to go to work. On her way, she realized that she wasn’t moving as quickly as she usually would. That was the beginning of a dreary tale. For more than 22 years afterward, she would suffer the pain and discomfort that came with hypothyroidism. Told that she would have to live on medications for the rest of her life, she saw no way out until she heard about the Healing School.

Sophia Kenlock desired a child for many years after her marriage, but she suffered many disappointments as 3 successive pregnancies all ended in miscarriages. With no solution forthcoming, she began to despair, thinking that her dream would never come to fruition. At the Healing School, one touch from God was all it took to heal her body.

Sophia narrated her journey of victory and triumph with much elation, holding her very own baby Micah in her arms.

Faith increased in the hearts of many in the auditorium, especially the students, leaving them confident that what God does for one, He will do for others under the same circumstances. What’s more? He is the God who is able to do a new thing!

Healing miracles abound as Pastor Chris ministers at first healing service of 2017 Summer Session.

The atmosphere at the Healing School auditorium was one of reverence and awe. The arrival of the man of God, Pastor Chris, was the moment many had been waiting for. Ecstatic shouts of praise signalled his arrival and the start of an unforgettable episode of incredible and amazing miracles.

Many looked on in wonder as the miracles unfolded, but none were happier than those who had been healed. Some had come in wheelchairs, on stretchers or with crutches; others had aids and apparatuses to help them see or hear or breathe. With one divine encounter, all that plagued them are now gone forever. Glory to God!

As a professional driver, Rafael Gil knew that being unable to see would leave him without a job, so he decided to take care of his eyes. However, a surgical procedure went awry, causing further damage to his eyes. He needed a touch from God, and when Pastor Chris ministered to him, his eyes were healed instantly.

Allan Rambissoon suffered severe numbness in his legs, which resulted in his needing to use a cane as a walking aid. In need of a change, he came to the Healing School. When the man of God laid hands on Allan and declared him free, he immediately received life and strength in his legs and began to walk unaided. Hallelujah!

Celebration and rejoicing was in the air as Pastor Chris led the congregation in faith proclamations and exhorted them with the Word. Buttressing the words of the Master in Mark 9:23, the man of God said, “You can do anything with your faith. Faith is your instrument; use your faith.” Thereafter, he made the call for salvation, and many took that step of faith and came forward to give their hearts to Christ.

In closing, Pastor Chris expressed gratitude to the partners of the Healing School, saying, “Every time you see a miracle at the Healing School, and you hear those amazing testimonies, and see people give their hearts to the Lord at the Healing School, it reminds you of what you’re doing as a partner of the Healing School.” Blessing the partners, he pronounced increase and multiplication on their seeds sown and declared that they will continually be in divine health.


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