13th Edition of Global Day of Prayer with Pastor Chris Wields Notable Impact

13th Edition of Global Day of Prayer with Pastor Chris Wields Notable Impact 13th Edition of Global Day of Prayer with Pastor Chris Wields Notable Impact

Ceaseless prayers unfold in 24-hour plus prayer marathon, steering the nations in the direction of God’s timely will.

At a time like this, the proliferation of the Church in the Year of the Prolific Church is hinged mainly on the offering of fervent prayers to the Lord. This is the reason the saints' world over joined God’s generals, Rev. (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome and Pastor Benny Hinn for this 13th edition of the Global Day of Prayer held from Friday, March 24th through to Saturday, March 25th, 2023. Non-stop praying, singing, and prophetic declarations characterized the 24-hour plus round-the-clock prayer marathon, beamed live via all LoveWorld networks and various social media platforms. With a riveting welcome note and soul-stirring exhortation, the man of God, Pastor Chris opened up the special prayer program on Friday, March 24th. He led the global congregation to pray passionately for all nations with the understanding that this is God’s set time to favor the nations; The day of God’s mercy and salvation for the nations. With no continent left out, the non-stop global prayer chain continued to course through all regions of the world. The prayer baton passed from one country to the other in a ceaseless global prayer parade. Undoubtedly the clouds were saturated with water as senior ministers in the Loveworld nation and ministers from partnering ministries across the globe led in several hours of faith-building exhortations and result-birthing prayers. With diverse tongues and languages yet in one accord, God’s people from the United States of America, India, Madagascar, Nigeria, Brazil, South Africa, Ghana, the UAE, Sri Lanka, Hungary, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Lebanon, Egypt, and more, put on their priestly cloak and set themselves to fulfill their priestly ministry; establishing God’s will in the earth through continuous prayer. Prayers were made for the protection and preservation of lives, proclaiming peace in the nations, the proliferation of the Gospel all over the world, for ministers of the Gospel and the entire body of Christ. The saints also prayed against the propagation of evil in the nations, for all men including the sick, the oppressed, and the vulnerable. What a privilege and blessing to receive answers and hear God speak in prayer! This was the lot of the global audience with the release of prophetic words given by the Spirit of God to the ministers while they exhorted and led in prayers. It was most refreshing and a vital reassurance of God’s love and faithfulness to His people. The dike was raised even higher when the renowned Healing Evangelist, Pastor Benny Hinn held a most intriguing session, teaching profoundly on prayer. What an extraordinary time of exhortation, instruction, prayer, and prophetic utterances by the veteran minister of the Gospel it was! We’d continually relish those priceless moments and bask in the blessings released. The outstanding aura of rich fellowship was kept afire throughout the prayer marathon by the sonorous LoveWorld Singers from different nations who led in unending songs of worship to God, orchestrating an atmosphere of rejoicing and the celebration of answers to prayers. The heavenly prayer rally reached a rousing crescendo in a most phenomenal session anchored by the LoveWorld President. The man of God in his thrilling exegesis expounded incantations and the essence of speaking in tongues in prayer. He established the prime benefits of praying in the Spirit, among which include the edification of the human spirit. The session came to a conclusion with fervid prayers offered for all the nations of the world, invoking God’s favor on them and establishing His ultimate will for every nation at this time. It is certain that God’s people have taken charge of their world through effective prayers and as God's instruments and agents of change in this dispensation, the timely will of God will be executed in all the nations of the world.