LoveWorld Nation celebrates Gospel impact through award winning artistes as President presents awards.

The LoveWorld International Music and Arts (LIMA) Awards recognized the spread of the unique message given to the man of God, Pastor Chris, through music, dance, spoken word and other art forms. This year’s edition was broadcasted LIVE to the rest of the world for the very first time, allowing many to join in the divine ecstasy from the comfort of their homes.

LMAM All-Star, Jahdiel, ministers to the congregation.

Inspiring music and dance performances by the LoveWorld Creative Arts Academy and All-Stars.Hosts for the night, Pastor Leafe Amosa and Sister Yvonne Katsande, assured everyone present at the LoveWorld Convocation Arena of a night to remember.

Inspiring music and dance performances by the LoveWorld Creative Arts Academy and All-Stars such as Frank Edwards, Joe Praize, Jahdiel, Da Music and several other exceptional artistes entertained and inspired the concert audience. Hosts for the night, Pastor Leafe Amosa and Sister Yvonne Katsande, assured everyone present at the LoveWorld Convocation Arena of a night to remember.

Senior Pastors dancing to music by LMAM artistes.

Sophie Wins Spoken Word Artiste of the Year in Kids Category for Third Time.

Sophie remains sole winner of recognition for spoken word artistes at LIMA Awards since inception. (2016).

Kelly Lyon Wins Producer of the Year for Third Year Running at LIMA Awards 2018

Prolific producer, Kelly Lyon, honoured by BLW President at LIMA Awards 2018 for a third year.

Pastor Esther Miracle Celebrates First Win as Spoken Word Artiste of the Year

Pastor Esther Miracle from the United Kingdom makes supernatural entry into LIMA Awards history


Kids Can Dance (KCD) Lagos Wins Best Dance/Drama Performance of the Year

BLW President recognized the children of ‘Kids Can Dance’ Lagos for their outstanding performances in the year.

T-Sharp’s Supernatural Song Wins Theme Song of the Year at LIMA Awards 2018

For yet another consecutive year, T-Sharp wins Theme Song of the Year at LIMA Awards!

Holy Hands by Hip Hop Ladies Wins Most Outstanding Group Performance

Pastor Chris recognized phenomenal performance of Holy Hands by the Hip Hop Ladies.

Jeanine & Frank Edwards’ ‘So in Love with You’ Wins Musical Collaboration Award

Worship song by Jeanine Wojacek & Frank Edwards won Musical Collaboration of the Year (All-Star).

‘There’s No Other Place’ Singers from the Band UK Win Band of the Year 2018

With several inspiring songs released this year, the Band UK retains Band of the Year at LIMA Awards.

Bold 5 Basks in Glory of Third Consecutive ‘Most Effective Dance Group’ Award

Most Effective Dance Group award was presented to Bold 5 for impactful performances at ministry programs.

UK Mass Choir Won Host Choir of the Year for UK Leaders’ & Partners’ Conference

Pastor Soskie, members of the UK Mass Choir, recognized for supernatural ministrations at UKLAPC.

LIMA Awards Witnessed First Quintuple Tie in Best Male Vocalist Category

Isaiah Samson, Martin PK, Eben, Obi Shine and Chris Shalom celebrated for exceptional vocals. Congratulations to the winners!

Global Gospel Phenom, Sinach, Snagged Female Vocalist of the Year at LIMA Awards

‘I Know Who I Am’ crooner, Sinach, honored as Female Vocalist of the Year at LIMA Awards.

Testimony Jaga’s ‘Jehovah’ Track Wins Coveted Hit Song of the Year (Proto-Stars)

Afro-pop dance track, ‘Jehovah’ recognized as hit track of the year in proto-stars category

UR Flames’ ‘Something to Shout About’ Won Hit Song of the Year (All-Star)

Most events in 2018 did not end without a performance of the Hit Song of the Year (All-Star category).

Lewis, Singer of Hit Track — Bulletproof — Won Best New Act at LIMA Awards 2018

Hit Gospel pop song, Bulletproof, earns artiste, Lewis, Best New Act at LIMA Awards 2018. Congratulations to winner, Lewis!

Songs by Sinach, Martin PK, Eli-J, CSO, Others Join Best Songs Hall of Fame

From Eben’s ‘Shepherd of My Soul’ to Sinach’s ‘Matchless Love’, 25 songs join LoveWorld Best Songs ranks.

A major highlight of the LoveWorld International Music and Arts award ceremony, since its 2016 inception, has been the Best Songs of the Year hall of fame, an elite ranking of impactful tracks desired by every LoveWorld artiste.

The announcement of this year’s hall of fame inductees was met with some excitement and a little surprise as some artistes made it to the list for the first time. Rita Soul joined the list in grand style with two songs, ‘As We Pray’, ‘Render My Service’ and her collaboration with Xano, ‘Just Wanna Say’. Eniola also made a first-time entry to the rankings with powerful worship song, ‘Sovereign God’.

The Band UK also joined the Best Songs class in grand style with ‘High Five’, ‘Pray’ and ‘Wonderful King’. Eben and CSO made the list with two songs respectively; Eben’s ‘Shepherd of My Soul’ and ‘Joy in the Holy Ghost’ were recognized similar to CSO’s ‘Holy Spirit’ and ‘Joy’.

Jahdiel received the Best Songs award again for ‘Game Changer’, Israel Strong for ‘My Advantage’, Sophiya for ‘Who You Are Inside’, Eli-J for ‘In Spite of All’, UR Flames for ‘Something to Shout About’, Martin PK for ‘the Name of Jesus’, Sinach for ’Matchless Love’, Rap Nation for ‘Not in Vain’, Chris Shalom for ‘I Bow My Knees’, Ada for ‘Born and Raised for This’, Chosen for ‘When We Pray’, Rozey for ‘Oh Great God’ and Evang. Kathy Woghiren for ‘Blessed be the Lord’!

Dynamic Worship Leader, Eben, Honored with LIMA Award for Artiste of the Year

‘Shepherd of My Soul’ singer, Eben, receives coveted Artiste fo the Year at LIMA Awards 2018.

Rita Soul Wins Songwriter of the Year (Proto-Stars Category) at LIMA Awards

Songwriter of the Year (Proto-Stars) has new winner for the first time since inception of LIMA Awards.

The Band UK Wins 6th LIMA Award in 1 Night as Songwriter of the Year (All-Star)

LIMA Awards made special for the Band UK as group wins Songwriter of the Year, their sixth award in one night.

CSO Celebrates Double-Win with Worship Song of the Year & Song of the Year

CSO won two most coveted recognitions at LIMA Awards with worship track, ‘Holy Spirit’.

CSO’s ‘Holy Ghost’, a worship staple in thousands of churches throughout the world, became the winner of two highly coveted honors at the LIMA Awards — Worship Song of the Year and Song of the Year.

Since its debut at the 31st December Service with Pastor Chris earlier in the year, the song, ‘Holy Spirit’, has been on the lips of many around the world, giving expression to our innermost appreciation for the person of the Holy Spirit. In addition to the prestige of the award presented by the BLW President, both awards are also accompanied with a cash prize.

This year's astounded winner walked the runway with her handsome newly wedded husband with tearful eyes to receive the Presidential handshake and Psalmist trophy. In 2017, the Worship Song of the Year award was 'the Air I Breathe' by Jerry K, while the Song of the Year was 'Beautiful Jesus' by Martin PK.

The announcement of these awards and CSO’s singing of the ‘Song of the Year’ brought the LoveWorld International Pastors’ and Partners’ Conference to a glorious close.

Congratulations to all winners of the prestigious awards!