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How can I apply this in my daily life?

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Question: Jenny (USA) – Dear Pastor, Luke 9:23 states, “And he said to all, “if anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me”. How can I apply this in my daily life?

Answer: This is talking about submitting to God because we are not going to die again like Jesus did. You apply this by submitting yourself to God through His Word. To deny yourself doesn’t mean there’s something you wouldn’t do, it’s to submit yourself to the Word. It means to drop your interest and pick up the Lord’s interest. To give up your interest for the Lord’s interest; that’s what it means to deny yourself. It says, you pick up your cross; what do you do on a cross? You die in it, which means it’s not saying you should go and hang on cross; it’s symbolic. It means that you’ve given up yourself to the Lord and whatever He tells you to do is what you are going to do. You find joy in serving Him. A lot of people think that God exists for their benefits. They think “Oh! That’s what He’s there for! He’s there to protect me, He’s there to take care of me”, as though He lives for you! No! That’s wrong. You live for God and until you discover that, you not even living; you’re living an animal life. You come to the real life when you discover He made you for a purpose and He knows that purpose and wants you to line up with His purpose for your life. He doesn’t exist for you; He’s God. You exist for Him. That’s an amazing reality! The day you find that out is the day you really begin to live.

Why did Moses raise the bronze serpent as a symbol of Christ on the cross?

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Question: Bismark (Ghana) – Why did Moses raise the bronze serpent as a symbol of Christ on the cross? Why was it the serpent and not any other animal?

Answer: Moses acted on the instruction God gave him, because God said he should raise the brazen serpent, that’s why he did that. The serpent was like a symbol of sin that was to be judged and Jesus Christ was to be judged as a sin sacrifice. And like Jesus said, “As Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, so shall the son of man be lifted up and whoever looked to Him shall have eternal life.” When the serpent bit them, Moses lifted up the serpent and anyone who looked got healed and stayed alive; because they had rebelled, it was a judgement of sin on the cross.

So because God told him to do it, Moses had to obey. If God had said something else, Moses would have still done it. It was God’s instruction; Moses was following God’s instruction. And also because they were bitten of serpents, God told Moses to make a brazen serpent and lift it on a pole; anybody who’s been bitten of the serpent who looks at these brazen serpent on the pole will be healed, just by looking!

Lastly, it was a symbol of the judgement of sin; very important! Who deceived the woman into sin? It was the serpent. He was the symbol of sin and so the Bible says, “Jesus Christ was made sin on the cross and anyone who looks to Him for salvation; whose been bitten by sin. If you meditate on these things, you’ll be amazed how quickly the Spirit of God will move through you and your faith will move to another level.

Where do babies go when they die?

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Question: Elizabeth (United Kingdom) – Where do babies go when they die or if they die? Do they go to heaven or hell since they are incapable of understanding the gospel and since all humans are born into sin at birth according to Psalm 51:5? So, what if there was a miscarriage, where does the baby go?

Answer: Very simple! Something you need to understand is that the human being has an animal life and a spiritual life and the Bible tells us that God gives a body to the spirit; he doesn’t give a spirit to a body. It says to every seed he has given his body. Now, at what point is that body given to the spirit? It’s unknown to us! We can’t know that. They are just some things that we can’t know; only God knows. The Bible says, “…children are an heritage of the Lord…”, what does that mean? It doesn’t mean that every one that’s ever born into this world is God’s heritage; that He brought them forth; no! There are biological laws that are working and that is the animal part of life. The animal part of life is there, the biological part is there. For example, if a man’s hands got cut off and dropped on the floor, for some moments, the hands will still move. The spirit of the man is not in the hands, so why is the hand still moving? It’s the animal part of man. There’s an animal life and there’s a spirit life. At what point is that spirit introduced into that body that’s prepared for it? We don’t know; only God knows that. And so it’s up to God as to where all these babies go. But one thing is certain; according to the scriptures, when a Christian gives birth to a child, that child is taken over by God; that’s what the Bible shows us. So if you have chosen according to God’s principles, you can be sure that there’s that heritage for them according to the scriptures. But then He says for the others, “Your children are unholy”; that’s for the ones that know not Christ. But even though the child of a Christian is sanctified according to the Bible, they must still receive the lordship of Jesus when they come to the age of accountability. Before then they ride on the faith of their parents; that’s what the word teaches. That’s why Christians can be sure that their children will go to heaven except they make a different decision when they grow up; that’s why it says train up a child in the way that he should go, that when he’s old he will not depart from it.

How do you come out of something you are addicted to?

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Question: Isaac (Ghana) – Hello Pastor, how do you come out of something you are addicted to?

Answer: I believe that Isaac here is probably talking about something negative because there are good addictions. The Bible talks about the house of Stephanas who addicted themselves to the ministry of the saints. Reading from Psalm 19, the Bible says in verse 7, “The law of the Lord is perfect, converting the soul: the testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple”. God’s word is a converter and if somebody is addicted to something wrong, he can apply the Word of God which is a converter to his life and the Word of God will surely get rid of wrong stuff. In Romans 12 verse 1, it says for us to present our bodies a living sacrifice unto God, and it says that we should not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of our mind. So you just need to renew your mind. You want a transformation, then stick to the Word, meditate on the Word and recognize what the Bible tells us, “…sin shall not have dominion over you…”, now if sin cannot have dominion over you, then habits; wrong habits cannot have dominion over you. So, through the power of the Word of God and the name of Jesus Christ, you can break any addiction, the give your mind to God’s Word. The Bible says, “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: for he trusteth in thee”. So if you trust in the Lord then stay your mind on God and there’s no addiction that can hold you back; nothing, no matter how long. It’s simple!

What is the importance of dreams in our lives?

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Question: Carole (Ukraine) – Dear Pastor, what is the importance of dreams in our lives?

Answer: Dreams are only important when it’s relevant to you in line with God’s word. Sometimes, you can even dream and we read in the scriptures that God has spoken to people through dreams from the Old Testament; so there’s’ nothing wrong with dreams but when it’s in line with God’s word, you can take it and when it’s not in line with the word, you discard it. When it comes to talking about dreams in our lives, it is the visions and revelations that’s communicated in it that’s more important to us than just the dream. Right now in the dispensation where we are, God guides us through His word. So matter the dream you have, it has to be in line with God’s word for me to accept it. Dreams are as a result of multitude of actions; when we sleep, we dream. So any dream can come to anyone but your acceptance of a dream has to be guided by God’s word. Is it scriptural? Is it in line with the word of God? If it’s not then you have no business with it.
Where do dreams come from? They come from thoughts, businesses, and activities. Our lives are ruled by our predominant thoughts. So what you think about the most, you see in that direction. It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s from God. The best material to enlighten us about dreams is the Bible. The Bible shows us that there are different kinds of dreams. There are dreams that can come from God. There are dreams that come from Satan, demons, devil. There are dreams that can come from your own subconscious mind often when you are sleeping. Sometimes the dreams can be based on your predominant thoughts as earlier stated. But a lot of times, they may not even have anything to do with your thoughts, but with different kinds of activities and people you have known. And sometimes these will come to play again in our minds while we are sleeping. Irrespective of the kind of dreams that you have, you can only accept a dream that is consistent with the word.
We could ask ourselves where did thoughts come from? Let’s look at your conscious life. During the course of your conscious life in your day; you’ve got lots of thoughts coming to you. Where did the thoughts come from? Thoughts can come to you from your usual activities or by definitely, decidedly setting your mind on certain things. Which means, you can control your thoughts, which means, you are responsible for those thoughts? Then there are other thoughts that can come to you from God and there are thoughts that can come to you as thoughts that are released by other people. Thoughts are powerful, thoughts have energy and they can be released by other people and you catch them; they are like waves. Then you’ve got thoughts that come from the devil, demons.
Now how do you know what thoughts are from you? The thoughts that are from you will be consistent with things you want or things you don’t want, which means they have a lot to do with your consciousness. Then you’ve got thoughts that are from God; how do you know thoughts from God? They are always consistent with His word. Now the problem would be if you don’t know the word, then you don’t know what He’s saying to you. You have no reference and that’s why the Bible tells us to study the word, to search the scriptures; it’s so important, then you can be guided in the things of God. So once you understand your imagination and your thoughts in your conscious life, it becomes easy to understand the ones that come to you in your subconscious or unconscious moments when you’re asleep. So is there anything important about them? They are important because they can influence our lives for good or for evil, that’s why they are important and when you know that they are not good for you, you either reject them or rebuke them. And when they are good for us, we take them.
Now one of the important things you’ve got to realize is that God doesn’t use dreams often or as frequently as a lot of people think. In the Old Testament, He did. In the New Testament, when you read from the book of Acts all the way to Revelation, you don’t find God ministering to anybody in dreams because it’s an arena where Satan plays a lot with people’s minds. The Apostles didn’t come up with dreams, the disciples in the New Testament didn’t come up with dreams and by the way, when we say New Testament, it’s important for you to know what New Testament is. The New Testament section of the Bible begins with the book of Matthew and goes all the way to Revelation, that’s not New Testament life; that’s the New Testament section of the Bible, which means it deals with issues about the New Testament. But New Testament in Christianity begins with the coming of the Holy Spirit, where the Church begins in the book of Acts till Revelation; that’s where the Holy Spirit started his Ministry in the body of Christ. When he says the old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions. When He talks about old men shall dream dreams, He’s not talking about the grey headed men; He’s talking about those who are fading away. So it’s a phenomenon in the world that’s supposed to be passing away with the in-coming of the Holy Spirit and that’s why He seldom uses dreams; very rarely does He.
It’s important that you realize that when a dream comes to you and you’re thinking ‘what is the meaning of this dream? Is it from God? Is God talking to me?’ You have a right to discard it; why? It’s not part of His modus operandi in the New Testament. You can discard it and God doesn’t hold you responsible for that and says, “I was trying to talk to you in a dream and you didn’t follow me”, no, because He didn’t promise to talk to you in dreams but He did promise to talk to you through the Holy Spirit, through His word, through visions and through other kinds of revelations. So, should dreams come at all? Sometimes, they will, especially when you are not that easy stuff. Sometimes, God has to go to your senses to reach you and that’s not because you are having nice revelations; because dreams are not really one of God’s best revelation, infact it’s the lowest. It appeals to men of the senses and so God’s got to do it when you are not listening to the spirit. He’s got to get to you, to get to you finally in the dream; you’ve got to be dreaming for Him to finally reach you. But in visions, you can be wide awake and you see a vision, you can be in a trance.