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Prayer: Your Opportunity to Change Adverse Situations!

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Never stop praying, especially for others…stay alert and keep praying for God’s people (Ephesians 6:18 CEV).

Someone once said that the only ingredient for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing. This statement is indeed true, especially because a lot of Christians try to make God responsible for what is actually their responsibility. They make such statements like, “If God didn’t want that thing to happen, why did He let it happen?”

The authority to change things on the earth has been delegated to us. We have the responsibility of changing things, and one of the ways we do this is through prayer.The Bible gives us an example of the consequence of not taking up our responsibility. Herod had arrested James, the brother of John. Probably the brethren were thinking, “Herod doesn’t know the anointing on Brother James; he’ll be out of there in no time.” They did nothing. Suddenly someone rushed in with the news: “Brother James has been killed!” James was no ordinary disciple; he was one of the three closest disciples to Jesus. While they were still wondering – “Jesus, why didn’t you do something?” another bad news came: “Peter has been arrested.”

By this time, the disciples knew they had to do something! The Bible says, “Peter therefore was kept in prison: but prayer was made without ceasing of the Church unto God for him” (Acts 12:5); and as they prayed, Peter was miraculously set free by an angel (Acts 12:7). Oh! If only they had responded by praying earlier, James wouldn’t have been killed.

Learn to take up your responsibility of prayer. You don’t have to wait for evil to strike home before you learn to pray and cause changes in the Name of Jesus. Remember that God has given you the dominion and the authority to alter the course of events in the earth. It’s your responsibility, not His.


  • Herbert Baase says:

    Thak u Pastor for the best picture u brought”JAMES AND PETER”,My spirit is’s my responsibility to cause change and to pray without ceasing!.

  • Judation says:

    Thank you pastor Chris for your teaching which has brought great changes in my house

  • ThankGod Okpe says:

    Pastor I now understood it clearly now why i need to pray always and also for others… James & Peter is a clear example.

  • Am touch by this message; God bless you pastor Chris. More abundantly… In Jesus name! Amen

  • Benjamin Adjetey says:

    Pastor please i want you to pray for me.

  • Karabophakedi says:

    Thank u pastor for the solid food in the name of the living God Amen

  • Thank u pastor Chris, this me$sage has woken me up from d darknes i was livin in. I cant thank u enough says:

    Patricia linda

  • rio nnaji says:

    Thank you Pastor!

  • babafemi lagundoye says:

    thank you pastor Chris, faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.

  • Queenie says:

    Dear Pastor.
    I am touched by this message. It came today to me after I received negative news on an interview I had high expectations on.I was the one acting on the position and had been assured it was just formality. When I called I was told there were too many forces against me. Please help to pray on this so that I have a turn around and shame my detractors.

  • George Kwakye Frimpong ce akim Oda Ghana says:

    Thank you pastor for your enlightenment

  • Promise CC1 PH zn 1 says:

    Thank you Pastor for this revelation….indeed I do not have to allow evil to happen before I start to pray, rather I need to pray for evil not to happen…..Halleluya.

  • Nurudeen Omoh Amedu says:

    Prayer helps to condition our spirit to receive from God.

  • Thank u pastor for letting me know that the authority to effect change on this earth has been delegated to me. Am so privileged. God bless u sir. Amen….

  • Charity Nwanze says:

    Thank you Sir for these articles!
    My time for change is now! I have the power to cause changes!
    Jesus gave me the authority to function and decree things, whatever I decreed is established ! Hallelujah!
    I declare today, that I win all the time! Anything that is not consistent with my life will not prevail! Thank you Jesus!
    Jesus is the anchor of my boat! Hallelujah!
    Thank you Sir.

  • Goodness okeke says:

    Thank you pastor Sir, I’m set on the course that I must follow! Prayer is my responsibility

  • Jane says:

    Thank you pastor,i love to pray but i find difficult to pray sir.

  • bro John David Outu says:

    Thank you pastor for thy perfection of the word of God in our life, the more I pray I was change flowing in th spirit; may God increase you Grace thy more in Jesus name Amen

  • cecilia musiiwa says:

    Thank you Pastor Sir for enlightening us. We pray without ceasing.

  • Reginald Matonsi says:

    Amen I effect changes in my life by prayer.I have authority to chart my destiny by my prayers.I have set my future by my prayers and will perfect it day by day with more prayer deposits.I have a gift of prayer amen in Jesus name.

  • Sunmi Adebayo says:

    Thank you pastor, I have detrermined to continue praying without ceasing till I get the desired result in my life and family. Thank you sir for this message.

  • Jaishree Shekatkar says:

    Thanks Pastor for such short, sweet and simple message of why to pray and advantages of praying always. Surely this is going to help me to change my adverse situtations. God indeed has Blessed you like a hurricane n so ur ministry is spread world wide in short span of time n gr8 things he will do through u for u r his chosen vessel. AMEN

  • Omoefe Erah says:

    Pastor Chris is indeed the Prophet of our time, this is a clarion call in this Cyberage that is characterized with so much distractions. I AM PRAYING LIKE NEVER BEFORE NOW. I am also having a great time following Pastor Chris on “yookos” for a strategic guidance on daily prayers. Thank You Sir



  • Golden Royalty Nhau says:

    Thank you. I have been reluctant but these words have come to me at the right tym.
    Thank you for the teaching. I will be offensive in prayer always

  • Elia says:

    This is very true Man of God.We appreciate your advise

  • Nwadiegwu Ike Wisdom says:

    Its looks like God would do nothing if I don’t pray, Thank you Pastor for showing us the place of Pray and our Seed. Am eternally greatful to you my father and life Coach.

  • Johnson Brenda says:

    Thank you Pastor Chris for this wonderful message. Indeed it has really been a month of prayer for me, the grace of prayer has come upon me. when I’m working, walking or alone I’m praying. Thank you Sir.

  • armslem says:

    Thank you pastor for this spirit filled msg i believe i will put in practice and it is going to turn my situation around

  • Yemi from Nigeria says:

    Thank you Pastor Chris for the expose’on prayer.Am awoken to the fact that indeed its my responsibility to pray.Thank you sir.

  • valbillion says:

    pastor thank you so much for your teachings on prayers by using jams and peter as example, your teachings on this month of june has energized my faith life so much i am no longer the same person i use to be i have increased spiritually and physically ,thank you sir

  • Helen says:

    Amen talk to ur father for an ans

  • matshediso selema says:

    thank you pastor for this message of prayer it is true indeed. I will continue praying for others.

  • afolabi says:

    Insightful and inspiring

  • Lindiswa Boyce says:

    Amen Pastor Thank you so much,Men ought always to pray nd not to faint,I pray always because prayer change things,Thank you once again fr this wonderful opportunity Pastor I love you!!

  • Princess Thinane says:

    This is so true Pastor, men always had to pray and not faint. I will pray always and thanks for the example of Peter and James AMEN!

  • Manaledi Sele says:

    Pastor I thank you for reminding me of my role I know the effect of others praying for me and I will always be mindful of my role and do the word.
    Manaledi Sele

  • madu kelechi says:

    pastor I love u so much.
    thank u for enlightening me on my responsibility in prayer. and for reminding me that I possess the ability to alter the course of event on the earth will bible proof.
    thank u sir.
    Madu Kelechi, LCC3A, LAGOS ZONE 5

  • Queen-Adamma Ochumba, Abuja Zone says:

    OH God!! I thank you for trusting me with The responsiblity of changing d cause of life to favour a righteous cause. Thank You Pastor, am blessed because You Came.

  • Thank you pastor for your message on prayer,manner stop falling long time ago so believers should wake up to their responsibilities by doing so God will help us to over come our challengies,God bless you.

  • Oge says:

    Prayer indeed works. I’m a witness. Thank You much Pastor for always teaching us.

  • Artwell Madaka says:

    Thank you Man of God. I have been blessed so much and have learnt that I have a responsibility to effect change that I desire to see in my life and in the life of my loved ones. I have learnt that God has placed the responsibility to us to change things here on the earth to us, His sons. Thank you very much for making me know that I have such great power to effect tremendous change in my area, country and the whole world. Glory to God almighty for such a privilege to be able to pray.

  • anna says:

    thank you for your teachings , God bless you man of God

  • anna says:

    thank you for your teaching , may God bless you

  • Geeta says:

    Thank You Pastor Chris for your wonderful teachings which have enlighten me and I have known my responsibility.,, It’s really build up my faith and see life differently.

    You simplify the Words to us.

    Thank you ,Sir.

  • Blessing Solomon says:

    Thank u Pastor

  • Napoleon Okere says:

    Thank You Pastor, for revealing to me the power of prayers over circumstances in life. I decree right now by the Power of the Holy Ghost that every situation in my life that seems not to of God should be removed in jesus Name. Amen.

  • Abbie says:

    I was so touched by this message of prayer, it has increased my way of praying. Thank you Pastor Christ for the message.

  • Sr. Bester says:

    Thank you Pastor,

    l will pray without ceasing. l knoe the results of prayer are guaranteed. l will contiune to pray for other too

  • Thank you pastor, sir. I’m praying for the peace of the nation wherein I dwell, that the peace of God will prevail.

    Accra Ghana.

  • First Commandment of God says:

    Eish, Man of God, This is so touching and encouraging. I have realise that we christians we are sleeping too much instead of praying, we have ears yet we dont hear , we have eyes see, just because our whole imagination is on the things of this world and forgetting that the God is the only solution to every situation. May God give us grace to pray without ceasing and fix our eyes, ears to God with faith for our own victory in Jesus name. May God enchrich you, family, mightly every moment to accomplish your assignment as a servant of God in Jesus name.

  • Kingsley says:

    Thank you Pastor

  • Jerome Mordi says:

    Thank you Pastor.

  • nchindia ernest says:

    Thank you manof GOD this spirit filled msg i believe i will put in practice and it is going to turn my situation around IN JESUS NAME

  • Al Davies says:

    Thank you Pastor. I am blessed by your kind note. You caught it aptly..”it is our responsibility to change things”…a rhema word for me to make changes in our world. Thank you God for our man of God Pastor Chris

  • epie says:

    thank you sir.please keep praying for me and my family.i am also arming myself the battle and building.

  • Comfort N. says:

    Thank you Pastor for sharing.. i believe so much in the power of prayer and its been working for me. today i ask for more grace to stand in the gap through prayer so calamity will be far away from us..we really need to take the bull by the horn and not go into slumber as the days are evil..God bless you..

  • Funke Ojulari says:

    Thank you sir, for teaching me the truth about prayer and it important. Now i know more than ever before that i can cause a change in my world through prayer.

  • Friday Ekwe says:

    Thank you Pastor,
    Each time I prayed a miracle happens
    the prayer of the righteous availed much and is dynamic in its working.
    I prayed in tongues by 10pm last Wednesday as instructed by my pastor
    the next morning I received a call from my younger sister that arm rubbers invaded the the house at Jos and carted away with valuables but couldn’t hurt anyone.
    As she made the call that morning I was not troubled at all neither did I responded with fear because pastor has shown me through Gods word in the ROR not to.
    2 days back I checked my mail box and was invited for an aptitude test with schlumberger, I dint remember ever applying with them. The test holds on Saturday in Lagos.
    I have won because my faith is stirred up with the caption of this article that I will receive miracle when I pray.
    thank you pastor. I lambano my miracle now

  • Victor Adesakin says:

    Thank you sir for your teacheing that has again given me enlightenment and alertness in praying for others especcially God`s people. the word of God says effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much and this make power available to cause changes in any situation, indeed prayer is a true romans in righeousness, halleluyah

  • alex says:

    sois béni pastor Chris pour ce grand enseignement qui nous ouvre les yeux sur l’importance de notre prière.

  • pumla mzantsi says:

    WooW thank you My My pastor.for this message.It has real opened my eyes.

  • Frank Obimdike says:

    wow! I thank you Pastor for this wonderful enlightening in the Word.

  • Pastor Pachorace Ekpo says:

    Pastor thank you sir for these awesome teaching, I’m so inspire to my aspiration. Indeed a place of prayer is a place of answers.

  • garang says:

    praise God halleluiah! thank you pastor for leading us into this wonderful month of prayer, and for sure things are going to change in the mighty name of jesus as we earstly pray every negative situation will be altered.

  • ojima says:

    Very inspiring article on the importance of prayer. I am truly blessed.

  • khanya says:

    Thank you sir! Really there is nothing that can beat the power of prayer. I thank God for this month of prayer for my prayer life has improved.

  • Berna says:

    You have enlightened me and made me understand how important it is to pray …thank you dear pastor.

  • Mercy says:

    Thank you Pastor for reminding us that, changing situations in praying is our responsibility.

  • Joel says:

    Thanks for the interpretation. The quality of life you lead on earth depends to the large extend on your teachers. Thak you for this excellent God gave you.

  • brian says:

    Thank you pastor. God bless you.

  • eunice says:

    thank you pastor for enlightening my mind,from today forth i have stopped blaming others for my sufferings

  • Mary Acquah says:

    Thank You Pastor

  • larry bagudu says:

    I would pray witout siezing till my miracle comes

  • Epa says:

    Dear Pastor Chris,
    Praise the Lord Jesus,

    Pastor pse pse I berg and request you to pray for me in order to stand in God is words I have been so WEEK in that.

    Thank you in advance.

  • Thank you Lord Jesus for the Life of Pastore Chris of our Generation who always enlightened us with the word of God.

  • Okoro, E.O. (CE ABA ZONE) says:

    Thank you Sir for reminding us that the church have power to change and as a church we are doing alot through praying in this month of June.

  • Jeremy says:

    Thank you Sir for the inspiration. I will pray for others without ceasing.

  • bro esho says:

    Glory to God! we’ve been summoned to prayer and we’ll pray. i”ll pray hallelujah!

  • Thank you very much for the Light Word.God bless you Pastor!

  • Evelyn says:

    What a glory and honour to commune with the Father through pray. All things are for us, we ought to take charge and pray.

    Thank SIr

  • pastor paul enkeke enkumu says:

    merci beaucoup Pasteur,oui n’ attendons pas que les fondements soient ebranles pour changer les choses . le temps c’est maintenant car ce que le juste desire ,il le recoit.
    sois beni Pasteur.

  • fonakwoprince says:

    Pastor I am Greatful for this message I had lost focus but it has created an awareness within me, thank you sir

  • Khosie says:

    Thank you Pastor Chris your Bible teaching has brought a big change in my life. special the healing that I receive two years ago. I thank God for bring such a Man of God like Pastor Chris in My life.

  • Khosie says:

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Thank you Pastor Chris your Bible teaching has brought a big change in my life. special the healing that I receive two years ago. I thank God for bringing such a Man of God like Pastor Chris in My life.

  • Sis Ladidi Désirée DEGBEBIA says:

    Thank you so much, Pastor. I am so gratful to God for your life

  • Sis Ladidi Désirée DEGBEBIA says:

    May God protect you, Sir.

  • molibi ishmael says:

    Wow, thats a wonderful and enlightning message, thank you so much PASTOR CHRIS for letting me know that praying is my responsibility, May GOD CONTINUE TO USE YOU MORE

  • GIRLIE BETE says:

    This is a wonderful month of prayer and we are making tremendous power available as we pray and changing situations. It is not the first time that Pastor you taught us God can change a the fulfilling of a purpose to give you a new one. I wonder how this happens. I heard you two or three years ago on the same subject. I could not sleep last night wondering. I am enjoying the conference.God bless you so much.

  • Thank u pastor i have learn from to word of God how prayer is importtant and have effect to change situation thank u jesus.

  • temmy says:

    thanks pastor for this word,its so inspiring.i learnt so much about prayer.i love you pastor

  • PIUS . A. F says:

    thank you Pastor for this prayer point is very nice and it has help me so much

  • Emmanuel says:

    Praying is my second food after the Word of God.

  • ubong says:

    thank u sir, for this great message, i must pray whether i like it or not is my responsibility specially for missionaries.

  • pst maureen olanrewaju says:

    lord help strenghten me to pray always. i give myself to prayer, so i can effect the desired changes in the life of my brethen. thk u pst sir

  • Mr Elijah Aifegha cec zone 1 portharcourt. says:

    thank u pastor for teaching me that which partain to life and Godliness

  • Abednego says:

    Thank you Sir.The word has stirred in me an hunger to spend time with God in prayer than ever before.Thank you.

  • sophie says:

    What an insight to turning things around, I love u pastor ,u are a blessing.

  • Pastor Chris, you are a man send by God. You are my icon, I love you, you are too too much. The icon of heaven and earth.

  • Olubunmi Olaniyan says:

    Thank you sir. I hear to do!

  • sis celestina webber says:

    Thank you sir,
    From now on, I will take my responsibilities.we are blessed to
    have you as our mentor, coach.

  • Jeffrey says:

    Pastor am asking prayers of strength,employment and luck.i have fallen to weak due to life pastor

  • Jeffrey says:

    Pastor am asking prayers of strength,employment and luck.i have fallen too weak due to life pastor

  • laar.isaiah says:

    Thank you pastor for showing me my part to play to enjoy Christianity.

  • Alice says:

    Thank you Pastor for letting me know the importance of praying for other people

  • john Sinniah, Switzerland says:

    Thank you pastor chris.i love your teaching and I follow them.
    not hearers oly, deceiving yourselfs.(james 1:22)

    God bless you

  • Marie Noel Bilenga says:

    This is big,thank you Pastor for this inspiring words

  • Nalova Agnes says:

    Pastor the Lord is touching you to touch the hearts of men and behold i really feel you have touched me so much on this aspect .My spirit is revive so much on this and pray that God should give me the strength to pray without ceasing.

  • Dcn Alex Abaneme says:

    Pastor thank you for reminding me to use the authority in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to change the world. I am praying always for people in prisons in all over the world and as I do many of them give their lives to Christ and are released daily
    Thank you sir.

  • Adilson Dos Santos says:

    thank you pastor to teach how a christian should walk in faith

  • Eyambe Elias Ebai says:

    Oh, you are such a blessing to our generation. I am glad, I am one of the trees that make the forest. Every tree a forest. How pleasant it is to belong to the BLW nation. I am happy to be a citizen of this nation. God bless you pastor for revealing this vision to us.

  • Rose R K says:

    Thank u Pastor I now know how to change my situation through prayer

  • sis linda masinda says:

    MyPastor words are not enough to thank God for being a blessing unto us,real things are happening in our lives because u r teaching us the word of God.

  • Carol says:

    Thank you so much paster for changing my life, from 2day my life wil never be the same im an overcomer of all things.

  • lawrence ibiyeye says:

    divine success new connetion fainacial blessing

  • Thabani Mnyandu says:

    plz Pastor pray member of my famaly Lindiwe,Balungile,Angel,Kwanele,Nokuthula,Zinhle and my children NQOBILE,NALEDI AND THALENTE THANK YOU SIR GOD BLESS YOU

  • Thabani Mnyandu says:

    Paster pls pray my famaly members:mother Patrina,father Christopher,(sisters and brother)Lindiwe,Balungile,Angel,Nokuthula,Zinhle,bother Kwanele and my chidren Nqobile,Naledi and Thalente,Thank you pastor the impart of the word of God in my life through out 2013 God bless you

  • Lennon says:

    One might ask,What’s going on? What power is upon Pastor Sir Chris Oyakilome? But I’ve seen in mind’s eye,Pastor for such times as these,you are the pupil of God’s eye,the lamp that searches the innermost part of the belly and I thank God the Father of our Lord Jesus,the Hope of all glory for He send to this generation for the advantage of the Kingdom of Heaven. Not being ignorant to that the Holy Ghost is using for comforting and building up of many broken hearted and demonstrating agape love to all
    Surely for that reason you been send,doing the will of the Father is your mission

    Thank Sir and God bless

  • Nmezi Tobias says:

    Thank you pastor for this great word

  • Alena, Maika, David, Emannuel, Joseph says:

    We were watching New Year 2014 service and Pastor was saying we our prayer requests.
    Me and My Family would like the.mighty man.of ask God.for Clearance if Debt, Finanial breakthrough and Spiritual uplift.
    God Bless Us All

  • juliet says:

    That’s so true sir,thank u for teachin us such grt things..amen n bless u

  • Bro. Eghaghara Onome/CE Ikoyi 1 says:

    Pastor I LOVE you , but Jesus LOVES you more ? Thks for evrything/words you gave us.

  • suzan says:

    Truly knowlegde is power thank u pastor chris

  • Dcns Grace Bawa says:

    With the anointing given to me, there is no further delay.

  • nanis says:

    God opens doors no man can close through prayer

  • Richard says:

    Amen pastor

  • Psalm 121-
    I lift up my eyes to the mountains
    where does my help come from?
    My help comes from the Lord,
    the Maker of heaven and earth.
    He will not let your foot slip
    he who watches over you will not slumber;
    indeed, he who watches over Israel
    will neither slumber nor sleep.
    The Lord watches over you
    the Lord is your shade at your right hand;
    The sun will not harm you by day,
    nor the moon by night.
    The Lord will keep you from all harm
    he will watch over your life;
    The Lord will watch over your coming and going
    both now and forevermore.

  • Lulama Gweba says:

    Thank you Pastor Chris for teaching us the Word of God and how to use the Word of God effectively in our daily affairs.

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