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Expect A Miracle when You Pray!

on Sep 04 in Uncategorized tagged by pcadmin

In our day, we cannot overemphasize the need and importance of miracles. It is the calling of every Christian to live in the realm of the supernatural. Miracles are the acts of God; He demonstrates His love and closeness to us through the supernatural manifestations in our lives.
How do you explain that you pray to a God you do not see? Praying and expecting an answer reveals a desire for the miraculous. It shows the depth of a man’s desire to communicate with the supernatural. Every answered prayer is a miracle, irrespective of what is prayed about. Often times, God demonstrates His sovereignty by performing a miracle for you when you are not expecting it or when you think you don’t deserve it; He shows up on your behalf in His love for you.

People pray everywhere irrespective of their religions and expect an answer because it is wrong to pray without expecting an answer. Your expectation of an answer is faith; when He answers, there is a miracle! Expect God to answer your prayers today. There is a miracle for you right where you are; receive it. Receive that healing in your body; receive that divine intervention you need in your business, family and in your ministry, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.


  • basotho says:

    i need to open my business( kodak) pray for me

  • Jospeh says:

    I need a paryer I have been asking God to open up my way my wish is to start up import and export, wow this world really touched me as I read that GOd you are so good

  • Felicity Neels says:

    Please pray for me i really need a financially breakthrough. God Bless

  • allan valles says:

    please pray for me that i may become a preacher for my lord jesus and become a crooner for my christian brother and sister.

  • Amen, I receive my healing in my body says:

    I am healed in my body in Jesus Name,Amen

  • Mosa Makgoga says:

    What a powerful title ” Expect a miracle when you pray”
    Indeed God change ten hundred to ten thousand
    My say is that we may expect little buy God can expand those expectations
    God will never limit our expectations infact when he answers that’s where, we see HIS great powers


  • may says:

    please pray for me

  • may says:

    i wish to purchase a house near the church and i have found one i need amiracle in jesus name

  • semakaleng seletela says:

    I receive healing now in Jesus Name Amen. Pls pray for me to cancel the spirit of fear and doubt Pastor

  • NTA A. BASSEY says:


  • Tedros Angesom says:

    Please pray to my sister in law the Drs.they told her because of cancer she is going to
    Dei with in few days.

  • Agume Alex says:

    Thanks for the word of God the man of God. I always receive Miracles when ever I pray.
    and I know I will be healed.

  • Please pray for me and my family God bless them in everything they do and also pray for my sister she is in abusive relationship i want God to release her from darkness to see the light and be save.Also pray for me i really need financialy breakthrough am n debts loan bank and m not earning enough to clear it it is increasing every month please pray for me. Glory be to God and bless you all in the Name of JESUS.AMEN

  • I receive in Jesus name

  • christina says:

    I have been praying ask God for somethings.I am expecting a miracles I believe it

  • Toyin says:

    When u av prayed n nothin seems to happen. what do u do?atimes am bothered n i feel like has god 4gotten me n do i nid 2 kip tellin him abt dat tin even wen u want 2 act ur faith u ar just tired n am feelin now.

    • NGZ says:

      Dear Toyin. Please don’t feel like when you pray nothing happens. Its a lie from the devil. You have to get to the point where you KNOW that something is happening. That you don’t feel sometging is irrelevant. Faith has nothing to do with feeling or emotion but the infallible word of God. HE said if we pray in the manner he taught… which is to pray in the name of Jesus.. he HEARS us. and we are confident that if he hears us we have what we have asked for. Please don’t let the devil rob you of your joy. God loves you. He knows what you need before u even ask. Be rest assured in his love and hold on to his word. It is his good pleasure to give u the kingdom. As you have asked have faith he has heard and has done it fro you already and just be patient.. confessing his word on that situation. its not over until you have won. I hope this helped.

    • Uzoma says:

      When you ask God for something, believe that you have it and then you”ll receive it. what you need to do at this stage is to give thanks to God, knowing that he has answered ur prayers. I’ll recommend you read the book “How to make your faith work”.
      God has answered your prayers and granted ur request, what u need to know is how to receive; the book will help you.

      • Berna says:

        Don’t give up, just be persistent in prayer. We have a loving almighty, who has given us the privilege to be called the children of the most high…Amen

  • Nthuse says:

    Pastor please pray for me,i need to finish my degree and get a job next year 2013 and i also need to take part in spreading the word of God,do what you are doing.Pray for me pastor.

  • Kaumba says:

    Please pray for me to start a job before the end of this year.i am praying for that everyday.

  • Jabu Motapanyane says:

    I am a single parent my husband died 6 years ago and I need prayers Iam unemployed and my family is undergoing a difficult time.

  • Lindy says:

    I need to have my family pls pray for me

  • Daniela says:

    I need to open my business,please pray for me.

  • phumelela says:

    I’m in so much debt frm money lendres that I’ve even started hiding in the house. I’m emotionally stressed and cnt eat well. I pray that God helps me cos I cnt hide anymore

  • Pastor Chris please pray for me,once in my life I was a born again christian,but I turned my back on the Lord,I recently started praying again but it seems that whatever I ask does not come my way,I did a lot of things in my life and I am currently in a court case for wrongfully been accussed of something I did not do.Pastor please pray for me to overcome this trials in my life because even my financial status is downhill.God bless


    Amen to that,please pray for me to get a better job and my family to have peace.

  • Vivian says:

    I receive my healing, financial breakthrough for my parents and above all, the anointing of the holyspirit, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  • Wentley. September says:

    Pastor, please pray for my mother, Augusta September, who has been diagnosed with severe bone marrow cancer a few months ago. The cancer has spread to her organs, affecting her lungs, kidneys and brain. Her condition is critical at the moment, she is experiencing severe pain, and in the physical, she is staring death in the face! But, we serve a mighty and living God Who hastens His Word to be performed, and in this case, His Word and promise of healing! Jesus still walks on water, still heals the sick, let the blind see and the deaf hear, therefore we as her family and children of God believe in utmost FAITH that Jesus is able to perform a modern day miracle of healing. Please intercede for us and stand in agreement with us for this miracle to manifest! God bless you pastor for continued wisdom and favour to uphold your calling to make disciples of nations. In Jesus’ mighty Name! Amen! Wentley September.

  • Dineo neo says:

    Please pray for me to pay my outstanding fees at university so I can register for this year

    Glory be to the superiorbeing Amen! Am expecting a miracle…

  • PATRICIA says:

    please pray for me i want to start my business i’m looking for it to prosper

  • nelson says:

    please pray for me i need a job so badly i am starting to think there is no God out there so please help me.

  • Maura Smith says:

    Please pray for me. I need a job I need some money so I culd get an apartment. Right now I have no where to go. Im in need of some prayers. Please.

  • salome says:

    Please help me pray so that I can have childrens I’m 40 and married but no kids was dignosed with blocked fallopian tubes. 2011 and have been praying and trusting in God since then bcos I can’t affort medical treatment

    • MPM says:

      It the good pleasure of our Father to give you children, God loves you and loves your decision to marry. As you pray believe that you are receiving your request and you will have it, the Lord Jesus said that and it can only be true. Receive your miracle sister and praise the Lord for your joy. Amen and God bless you.

  • ThankGod Okpe says:

    I recieve it In Jesus Name. AMEN. Its well

  • Adesuyi Mary says:

    i m giving up on my life cos things are working right for me and my family.pls intercede for us so dat God can open doors of opportunities unto us.and also believing God for divine healing for my mummy.

  • nancy says:

    @Pastor please pray for I need financial breakthrough I’m in so much debts that I cannot afford to pay back cause now I have 2boys to look after and my boyfriend does not earn enough and He need to get married with me this december pls God I need ur answer right now in Jesus name in john14v14 you said we must ask by yoour name and it shall happen, Amen I receive in jesus name.

  • Moira says:

    I pray for financial breakthough, job n restoration in my family peace n love in Jesus name

  • May the Good God grand me, my wife charmaine and my sister vedrika employment as we are in desparate need of His mercy and favour so we can brakethrough in Jesus name Amen..

  • Ronny Aphane says:

    Is been a long time looking for peace in my heart.and now it become worse because my doors dont wanna open,my mum she’s getting married and that thing is going to cause problem in future.they are lots of bad things happening in my life.can Pastors please with the mirracle of God pray for me.GOD bless.

  • Is been a long time looking for peace in my heart.and now it become worse because my doors dont wanna open,my mum she’s getting married and that thing is going to cause problem in future.they are lots of bad things happening in my life.can Pastors please with the miracle of God pray for me.GOD bless.

    • Manaledi Sele says:

      My (Ronny
      I will pray with you but please note your desire for good depends on what you say. The desire you want should be what you see and speak we have been taught by Pastor that speak what you want not what you see feel or think to make your prayer evident in your life.
      God bless and strengthen you to see what he is doing for you.
      Manaledi Sele

  • Denzel willis mpambwa says:

    I receive gt pastor stay blessed

  • Denzel willis mpambwa says:

    Thank you lord for everything in my life. Amen

  • i want to be lord servant to preach his gospel to the world…please pray for me

  • nancy says:

    Dear pastor pls pray for me I need a job

  • melissa says:

    Lord, I ask for your help and guideness in this point in time, I feel lost and I ask for you to save me and my family for all the problems we are going through. I thank you lord for leading me into your life, and I have faith in you lord, I do believe a miracle will happen. Amen

  • sharon says:

    Please pray with me as my contract is ending tomorrow and te agency is not renwing because i have made 180 personal calls in two months, please pray with me in the name of Jesus to find employment, i know i made a mistake by making so much calls but i feel it was a bit unfair for their decision as a hard worker in my team. i know God is taking me from Glory to Glory i must no cry that im losing this current job. please pray with me as im praying hard for my Marriage my husband is attacked by the evil spirit, he fights me for no reason, he is having fears, he would shout at saying im having an affair at work, of which he even didnt even see me doing 7 years im with him. Thank you children of God.

    • Tabea linda says:

      Dear, sister our God is a wonderful God,so continue in faith and start to speak positive words that can cause change in your life as we come together in prayer.and there is a miracle for you out there, just believe.

  • portia says:

    Pls pray 4 my husband to get a permanent job so that he can provide 4 his children & pray 4 my sister to conceive a child and 4 me to get a better promotion at work. I believe all will be fyn in the name of Jesus. Amen

  • Nicholas says:

    Pastor Chris, God has blessed you through the Holy Spirit and has given you a gift to be a blessing to others. I am weak, but I know God is strong, please pray with me through our intercessor, Jesus, to bless me with a job where I will glorify God and that that job will bring me an avalanche of financial blessings. Thank you. Amen

  • Thanks alot pastor and partners.
    Please pray for me to get finaces to pay for aplot which is to be auctioned soon and to get parmanent lecturing job at the University.
    Be blessed mightily

  • Tatenda says:

    Pastor please pray 4 m im pregnant and nine montths have passed yet i havent delivered.i need e hand of God

  • babafemi lagundoye says:

    thank you pastor Chris, l think of awful things when nothing is happening, just like a spiritual attack. when l think of pastor Chris peace reigns in me. please pray for me!

  • joaquim says:

    Praise God,

    I have deep faith that my prayers will be answered this month that my wife will get the job. Amen

  • Seun Micheal says:

    please pray for me,l have just re- start my business i’m looking for it to prosper and also praying for financial breakthough.

  • Tapiwa Makwarimba says:

    Amen…thank you so much sir….my grandmother is made whole…she can walk, she can run, she can jump and her speech is excellent in the Name of Jesus….I am living a life of favour in Jesus Name. Amen

  • Ndoun Kona says:

    Thank you Pastor I receive it all in Jesus Name. God bless you more and more every day.
    Bbraj dala meyo braskita miskolo, ribro jantala braja briskotolo meze nabejala mistalagai.

  • Nurudeen Omoh Amedu says:

    When we pray God hears us,when He hears us He surely answers our prayers with a miracle.

  • Hallelujah am soo blessed pastor. Thank u for being my mentor. God richly bless u. Amen.

  • Pastor Daniel Dibo says:

    Wow, this is inspiring, as I read this article my expectations suddenly increases and as I pray I see the result already in my spirit. Pastor sir, thank you so much for this teachings.

  • Goodness okeke says:

    I received it in JESUS name Amen!!

  • Laura says:

    D power of a praying ME… This is the confidence I have in Him; that when I pray, He hears me… I subscribe to team #Praying&Expecting

  • Mary E says:

    Thank you so much Sir. This is truly inspiring. Now I receive answers to my prayers.. Glory To God

  • Deacon Gordon Kanoyangwa says:

    It is DONE Pastor. I receive every word that comes from our Lord. My miracle is certain in Jesus’ Mighty Name. Amen Pastor.

  • Reginald Matonsi says:

    Amen thank you lord for your divine intervention. Thou have
    Remembered your dear son Reginald Matonsi and greatly
    Favoured him against all odds
    And technicalities. Amen.

  • stanley says:

    please. I need a prayer from u sir. I need Gods intervention in my life and family.

  • Charity Nwanze says:

    Good morning Pastor Sir,
    Thank you Sir for every opportunity you have given to us expressing the Love of Christ and acknowledging Him in all He has done for us! Hallelujah!

    Jesus is still in the business of miracles! He said greater things that He did shall we do! We shall speak in a new tongue, we shall lay hands on the sick and will recover, we shall cast out demons! Hallelujah!

    The working power of God has been given unto us, when we asked, we shall receive what we have asked for, when you knock, doors will be open, when you seek you shall find! Glory to God!

    When you make a demand in the name of Jesus, your demands are granted! Glory! I receive today the working ability of God in my life! Ability to function in the grace and favour of God! I live in miracles by the Spirit of God.He had declared that I am His Own! Hallelujah!
    I boldly declared that The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want! Hallelujah!
    Thank you Sir.

  • OJo Bukky says:

    Amen! I receive my miracles today in JESUS name

  • Edward Aderigha says:

    I have prayed and i thank God for the miracle.Amen

  • Nze Ikay says:

    I pray today with the full expectation that my prayers are already answered. Glory to God! Hallelujah!

  • Innocent says:

    I receive evrything I desire in Jesus Name. Amen

  • Grace says:

    AMEN! I receive divine intervention in that situation in Jesus’ Name.

  • armslem says:

    I receive the grace to have a job this week in Jesus name

  • Johnson Brenda says:

    Thank you Pastor for the this teaching. My testimony on prayer, i was suppose to go for a training but my name was not shortlisted at first i was angry but on Monday 10th of June 2013, i decided to pray and fast about it and on Yookos Pastor Chris said that I have victory in every circumstances. After the 12 noon prayer i knew in my heart it was settle. i later met my HOD and told him how i feel about the situation. On Tuesday i got my journey instruction for the training. Thanks

  • Glory be to God who raised the deadth.
    Thank you very much man of God for this gloriers message.

  • Josephine Francis says:

    Thank you so much,thoughts of expectations of God’s goodness have been on my heart,Seeing God at work.I am praying for the leaders,much love.

  • Sister Mojirayo Odebiyi says:


  • Mbaku says:

    Hi Pastor Chris,
    Please Pray for me ad my Family. We got married 4years ago and no Child yet. We really need children. Tried in may hospitals and they say nothingis wrong with us. Pray for us.

  • Agnes Ntelamo says:

    Please pastor prayer for my fiance, he needs a job, and we will get married soon, my niece needs another job she has been submitting her cv’s in Jesus Name, bad dreams when am sleeping, the devil is a liar, I need promotions and my elder sister is an alcoholic need to be delivered, in Jesus name.

  • Queen-Adamma Ochumba, Abuja Zone says:

    Thank You so much Dear Sir, The hunger for miracle Prayer has been rekindled in my inner man GLORY!!

  • Uloma says:

    I met a wonderful little girl on my flight to Dubai, I was led by the Spirit to pray for her on the flight and I later got to know she was headed to India to have a brain tumor removed. I expect a miracle on her behalf. Thank you Pastor, you said God wants to demonstrate His love and closeness to us through the supernatural manifestations in our lives. I speak supernatural life to her. Fellow forumites, join me and pray for this little girl in faith. Her name is Ihechi.
    God bless you all.

  • Pastor you are too much,why do we pray to GOD?because we want him to do something for us,so if one don,t need anything then we should not go to him at all.

  • Nompumelelo says:

    God is able to do exceeding, abundantly more than you can ask or think.
    Let your faith be strong

  • Francis says:

    I always expect answers to my prayers, and the Good Lord have been generously wonderful. Praises be to Him always.

  • Manaledi Sele says:

    Father I receive a miraculous change in my christian growth which comes with all that the gentiles search for are mine thank you Pastor for the prophesy is mine to live in.

  • Yes, there’s a miracle for me. Thank you Jesus, thank you pastor.

    Accra, Ghana.

  • patrick says:

    I need to start building my house this month….thank you Jesus answer my pray

  • Cynthia Boakyewah says:

    Thank you soo much pastor,i recieve my miracle of setting up my own disere business, n God linking me to people who will show me the way ,in the name of Juses .

  • Abbie says:

    Everyday I pray for the relationship of my daughter and her fiance, I believe that very soon, with the intervention of the Lord, they will get married and wed. May I also ask you to intercede in this request so that the relationship reaches its fruition. Thank you Pastor Chris, I love your teachings because they strengthen me in whatever I do.

  • Kefas Stephen says:

    Amen. I receive in Jesus name

  • Claudia says:

    i receive it In Jesus name. AMEN. i need miracle today and forever.

  • Ekpenkhio Ukpe says:

    Amen,I receive it!!

  • Anslem. says:

    I need God to establish me.

  • I thank God for Providing what I have been praying for. Though I have not yet received but I have hope I’m going to. Please help me thank God for that

  • Comfort N. says:

    I expect a miracle from God this week, and from this very moment i receive my miracle..Halleluya

  • Chidi Osuji says:

    Great insight. Thank you. It’s a good place to be. Always expectant and that comes with knowing how big and good our God is. It becomes effortless when we stay connected to our Father in heaven.

  • First Commandment of God says:

    I receive in Jesus name, Thank you Pastor.

  • Funke Ojulari says:

    Thank you sir, i receive a miracle!!! my request for permission to go for ICLC is granted unto me in the office today because i am favoured. in Jesus name. Amen!!!

  • innocent dube says:

    thankyou Pastor.Pray with me that I may be firm in my faith. I need financial breakthrough and spiritual growth

  • Ojo Williams says:

    Thank you Pastor. Am grateful to know that Miracles abound when I pray.

  • Friday Ekwe says:

    God Day Pastor, You have bless my life
    I’m not an ordinary Person
    Pastor I cheeked my email Box two (2) days back and saw a mail from schlumberger inviting me for an aptitude Test in Lagos on Saturday. Pastor I did not remember when I ever applied During the communion Service I hold unto the word, you said as I pray this month I will be amazed how things will happen in my. Its a miracle The pray is Causing divine changes. Thank you Pastor
    I connect to the anointing in your life, The lines fall unto me in pleasant Places, I have goodly heritage
    all things are mine, I prosper in all things I do

  • Frank Obimdike says:

    Thank you sir. This is for me I receive. Glory!

  • garang says:

    in jesus name amen there is a miracle in my life spiritually, financial and socially.

  • alex says:

    merci pour ce message car je reçois aujourd’hui la croissance de mon ministère. car ce que je viens de lire m’ouvre les yeux sur les miracles que dieu me donne à chaque prière. sois béni Pastor

  • Henry Allotey says:

    Thank you, pastor. I have received by faith, healing into my body and the divine intervention I need into my business and family. I believe it is accomplished in the spirit and it will maniest in the physical very soon and I will testify of this miracle.

  • John says:

    I declare in the name of Jesus that I receive that financial miracle, to start by own transport and investment company in the name of Jesus. I receive that miracle now and no devil can stop it. Amen Pastor, God Bless You.

  • Fana Lukhele says:

    I receive, am healed in Jesus Name, my business is waxing great

  • eunice says:

    i receive a miracle at my work place right now in the name of Jesus.Ameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen

  • Richard Collins says:

    so inspiring. Amen, Amen and Amen

  • larry bagudu says:

    I receive by faith in jesus name, AMEN. I’m healed

  • I received that breakthrought in Jesus Mighty Name – Amen

  • Olubunmi Olaniyan says:

    Glory!!! I have all my heart’s desires exceeded in Jesus’ name. My prayers are working. Glory!!!!
    Thanks Padtor sir for this beautiful piece.

  • Hetty says:

    Helelujah! I receive an answer to have my children, for a blissful marriage and for that beautiful job. Amen!

  • chika says:

    Thank you so much sir. i receive answers to my prayers regarding monies for my accommodation, car in this month of June and the well being of my family. Also i receive the strength to pursue my dreams and see to its establishment in Jesus Name Amen.

  • anna says:

    i believe am going to receive in Jesus name i pray. AMEN

  • julie lopes says:

    please pray for my husband reginaldo he don’t have job for nearly six years and i have lot of fiance problem and please pray for my brother in law Joe he also don’t have job please pray for us.

  • ps osas eriyo says:

    amen,i receive in Jesus name.Prayer is key to getting results as pastor has always taught us

  • Asikiye says:

    Thank you Father for the miracle in my life. I am indestructable

  • Atone says:

    This is so touching pastor “expect a miracle wen u pray”Halleluyah, Pastor, my family has been expecting God to do a miracle and have been patient, but so far nothing, pray for us for financial breakthrough, we the children are holders of BSc, MSc, but no jobs, no marriages. i wonder what is happening and we’ve been seeking God’s face. Please, Man of God help us by praying for us. Thk u

  • tsoany says:

    amen I receive a healing in my body in the name of Jesus AMEN

  • pastor paul enkeke enkumu says:

    merci pasteur,je m’ attend a recevoir mon miracle quand je prie car Dieu exauce toujours ma prire. sois beni Pasteur

  • Blessed says:

    Yes, l receive

  • maggie says:

    I need financial breakthrough i have reached the deadline for my kids fees and one he’s being stopped from writting he’s exams i have too much debts to bear it is hard being a single mother of 5. In Jesus name I ask for prayer. Amen

  • molibi ishmael says:


  • GIRLIE BETE says:

    Thank you Pastor Sir A miracle is renewal so as I pray for my family, business, project, peace in my family and my country I always thank God for my ministry which is growing and I receive that which i so desire.I pray for my children and i receive all these miracles today in the Mighty name of our LORD Jesus CHRIST. yesterdays conference we sang to our LORD JESUS Praise was so special. Thank you so much.

  • Emmanuel says:

    Amen Pastor

  • Nicole says:

    Thank you Lord, I receive abundance of grace today and I declare that ALL is well. I receive my miracle for prosperity in all areas of my life in Jesus’ name.

  • iyeh lisa says:

    Thank you pastor I have receive miracles as i read this wonderful articule by u.To God be the Glory.

  • iyke segun says:

    Amen pastor thanks for the prayer GOD we bless you sir

  • Daniel Laryea says:

    Thank you Sir for this inspiring teaching I receive my Miracle today in the name of Jesus. Thank you so much Sir. I LOVE YOU.

  • Olubunmi Olaniyan says:

    Thank you Pastor sir. Amen!!! I receive all these miracles you pronounced upon my life now in Jesus’ name.

  • Lucky says:


  • This is most reassuring; God is very real and He loves us tremendously. What more can one ask for being in God’s presence where there is the fullness of joy and unending pleasures abounding! Glory! ! !

  • Phineas says:

    I receive in the might name of Jesus

  • Tracy says:

    Amen i receive my testimonies in Jesus mighty name n i wll never be the same again i change 2 glory in Jesus’ name

  • Thank u Sir prayer producees good results

  • Jeremy says:

    Thank you Sir! I receive the miracle I desire for healing in my body in the name of Jesus.

  • I recieve my promotion in my job in Jesus’s name ! Amen

  • Marie Noel Bilenga says:

    Amen Pastor I receive my miracle in every area of my life,in my family in Jesus mighty name

  • Duth Bisram says:


  • Duth Bisram says:


  • Barbra says:

    Thank you Pastor ,i receive my miracle right now, in my finances, family ,marriage, ministry , health in Jesus’ name ,AMEN!

  • Nalova Agnes says:

    I pray that God should uplift my fiance and I to another level.And also praying that He should bless our little family by giving us the grace to live and practice His word in our daily lives.Also praying for peace and love in our family and nation.

  • Daniel says:

    I nee a total change for good in my life. Pastor pls pray for me

  • Anang says:

    Please Pastor pray for me and my family .Ineed finalcial breakthrough and healing for my family. AMEN

  • kwaku says:

    I need prayers n your healing power in my life. God healing me now Amen

  • omeila rugpath says:

    Please prey for me I realey need a miracle in my life to pay my debs had to buy a house in the name of jesus amen

  • Pastor Thierry says:

    Prayer Request :
    Protection,prosperity,healing,wisdom,freedom,miracles in finances and business,protection and prosperity of his health,success and miracles in pastor Thieringo’s life in Jesus name .

  • Ana says:

    I need prayers now, going through tough times in my life. Looking for a job and getting a divorce. Please pray for me and my children for all to be ok.

  • kingsley eze says:

    The you for the exam.

  • John says:

    Please pray for me that the Lord will open the door for a new job with better benefits. Thank You!

  • Pray for me and my famaly for financial break throug and healing in Jesus name I receive it

  • I thank God for the day I met u Paster Chris in 2010 Night of Bliss u change my life.I now see the light.I love Paster.I receive in Jesus name.

  • pamela says:

    Powerful message pastor I receive my miracale today in Jesus name.

  • anna kim says:

    i really need Jesus to bring the most amazing miracle that i have been praying about i know that is impossible but i believe in my God and know that nothing is impossible even the Miracle that i have ask . Please pray for me that Jesus could answer me today pastor thanks in advance and praise the Lord, may he always be exalted above all.

  • Ann says:

    I need divine intervention for charges against me. I go to court on August 15 for something that was really a misunderstanding and miscommunication . Pray that Gid will speak to this DA!

  • Thabiso says:

    I pray for the miracle at my workplace,financial breakthrough,family restoration,healing,spiritual growth and peace in the mighty name of Jesus.Amen

  • Gregory says:

    Please pray for healing of my broken relationship with Louise that it may be saved in Jesus name. She’s very confused with herself now. She doesn’t know what she wants anymore yet I still love her very much. But sadly, my former friend is still chasing her aroung and making her more confused and sad. Please pray so that he may leave her alone and that she can make the right decisions. Please pray that she may become strong and our bound may grow so that our love may be stronger than ever. I also ask for God to touch her heart in Jesus name. Please pray for us so that we may receive love, wisdom, strenght, patience and growth for our relationship.

    Thank you sincerly and God bless!


    Please pray to God to bless Raghunandana.R with unlimited ultra monetary abundance which is Rupees Ten crores and a beautiful spouse from a rich and affluent family at the earliest.

  • Elias-Nweke says:

    Glory may God help us all in jesus Name AMEN,PASTOR may my GOD Continue to strength from strength Amen…

  • ndakor eyong sandra says:


  • nadia padayachee says:

    Please prayer for me n my family we need good jobs and financial security aswell as good health n happiness

  • Thabo says:

    Lord nothing is for u we need a miracle this year of R360 000,heaven open for us Genesis 18:19,for change our desperate struggling situation it hurt us so much,we the laughing stock of the people,living a shameful&painful lord change our life,u said instant of shame u will give us double portion oh!lord we need a miracle soon even to get married,lord forgive all the sins i committed lying,adulter&that i am anawer of it,i surreder my whole life n ur hand,lord i promise ur that when u answer me i will ur ministrie&all way try to be n ur house,helping ur&prayering for them,help m to clam my spirit know that everything is under ur control,pastor pls,pls,prayer for us,redeem us frm poverty we live n,&stop leaving on other help,South Africa

  • kristin says:

    plz pray for restoration for my relationship with my boyfriend and get married soon

  • Ty says:

    Marriage and family restoration
    My wife has filed for divorce and me and my two young sons are praying and believing god for a miracle my youngest son says gods telling his heart moms coming home to be a family agin do please pray god will grant them the desires of their hearts I love my wife and boys I need my family so please please pray for a miracle we need a miracle today the divorce is going to be final soon please please pray

  • NIKI CHARLES says:

    I have a cyst on the right side of my ovary and a lump under my left arm an it does pain me in my both breast paster can you please pray for me in jesus mighty name Amen.

    • NIKI CHARLES says:

      Evelyn charles paster please pray for me with my right shoulder because it pain me none stop and i also have a thyrod in my neck i believe that jesus christ is going to work for me Amen.

  • NIKI CHARLES says:

    since i finish school i cannot get a job to do i really need a job please pray for me to get a job.I believe in jesus christ.

  • Jason says:

    Please pray for my girlfriend Angel and I. My girlfriend Angel and I haven’t talked to each other in about 2 weeks. I am not to sure what is going on with us. We have known each other for about 5 years and have been going out for 5 months. Things were going good between us as far as I knew before Angel moved. After Angel moved I tried to hang out with her at times, but Angel kept telling me that she was busy and didn’t have time to see or hang out with me. Angel does have 3 kids and recently hurt her arm and shoulder having her arm in a sling. Angel has told me that she does care about me, that I am a wonderful guy and that she wants to work things out between us. Lately it seems like she is either to busy or doesn’t want to hang out with me. I have been for the past week trying to give her some space and only sent her an email apologizing for possibly being a little to pushy maybe and bothering her by trying to hang out with her and find out what’s going on. I do like and care about her a lot and would like things to work out with her. I know that 2 of her kids have said that they don’t have a problem with me and that it doesn’t bother them when I am over their house visiting. Angel did contact me November 14. We haven’t had a chance to talk about thing, but she did tell me that she wasn’t trying to push me away and that she recently had a blood transfusion. I would like for us to be in an open, honest relationship and have it work out. I also know that her kids father doesn’t care for me and has complained about me to Angel. I know her kids don’t like to listen to well and her oldest daughter is a little bit of a problem child. Please pray for healing for Angel, her kids and I. Pray that our relationship can be mended and saved from falling apart. That we can get through the storms and trails in our life together. That we can be open and honest with each other. Pray that Angel will start showing more that she does care and want to be with me like she says she does. Pray that I can be patient and give Angel the space she needs. That Angel can get the help she need with her kids as well. That Angel and I can become one flesh together with Jesus at the center of our relationship together.

  • Marilyn says:

    Please pray that God heal, my family physically, spiritually, financially and relationshipwise.

    I want to be a millionare without limits, please asked God to forgive me for my past and anger towards people who done me wrong and visa, versa.Amen

  • bello ronke says:

    pastor pls pray for me i need god miracle in my life dis 2014

  • elizabeth says:

    Pastor please pray for my family. My own sisters and brothers dont talk to as in our fathers house. The reason is because we were born of the same father but different mothers.please help as.

  • Steven diffo says:

    Father lord u said in your words,he who asks,by (faith) it shall be given up 2 this coming year 2014,i pray for the prosperity of all my family which includes,Efouman steven,diffo joy,afan precious,afan victorine,diffo crystelle,diffo thomas & to name a few.father lord procure us with ur special grace and greatness.

  • tracy says:

    I need prayers F☺r ♍ƺ n myº˚˚ family. Mr Aи̣̣̣̣̥ǝ̥̥ mrs eichie,elizabeth gbadebo,francisca,val,tracy,tessy,temple,promise,.let God bless us with G̶̲̥̅ơ̴̴̴̴̮͡ơ̴̴̴͡d̶̲̥̅ husbands Aи̣̣̣̣̥ǝ̥̥ longlife prosperity ,G̶̲̥̅ơ̴̴̴̴̮͡ơ̴̴̴͡d̶̲̥̅ job,unity in D̶̲̥̅̊ family,open jesus name amen

  • tracy says:

    Wen plp promise ♍ƺ. ̶̲̥̅̊t̶̲̥̅H̶̶̲̥̲̣̥̲̥̅̊̅̊ ̶̶̲̥̲̥̅̊̅Ε̲̣̣̣̥♈̷̴̩ don’t always fulfil I̶̲̥̅̊t̶̲̥̅̊..I need suceSs in myº˚˚ academy.G̶̲̥̅ơ̴̴̴̴̮͡ơ̴̴̴͡d̶̲̥̅ jesus name..amen

  • pls expectation shall be cutt of when d cloud is full of rain there shall empty it seif upon d earth pls am expect breakthrought on my nextkin payoff. Pls pray 4 me

  • pls expectation shall be cutt of when d cloud is full of rain there shall empty it seif upon d earth pls am expect breakthrought on my nextkin payoff. Pls pray 4 me on d effect

  • suzan says:

    I expect a miracle now in life in jesus name amen and thank u pastor chris

  • Nonkoliso Thanda says:

    Amen Jesus said whatsoever we ask God in the name of Jesus it shall be granted,we serve a God who never lies he’s word is truth nd life,thank u God for perfecting my life,I declare in this year of my greatness I will never again face financial challenges,all my hopes,dreams nd wishes will become a reality,I will serve God in spirit nd in truth,my prayers are answered nd I’m prospering in everything I do

  • By his stripes i was healed,i recieve healing in my body right now in Jesus Name,devine health is mine in the name of Jesus,he bore my sickness on the cross so that i may not be sick.glory to God

  • paul schairer says:

    Please can you pray for me I just recently lost my long term employment and I’m getting behind on child support I’m currently in the process of becoming a police officer but it takes 3 to 5 months before I get paid I also have joint custody in the mom doesnt let me see my kid I just recently got married and her kids don’t listen real good please pray for us

  • My name is Derick mothoa,prey for me ,living in south africa ,I need prey In my life ,and prey my family

  • thandeka says:

    please pray for me. i cant seem to do well in school even though i try hard. im in a depression. living on fear of being judged. i feel ugly and alone. i feel stuck and failing at whatever i do. mother always shouting at me. friends dont care. losing hope

  • shola says:

    I received the $5000 for my business in Jesus name…… Amen

  • amanda says:

    Please pray for reconciliation and healing in my life. I pray that my fiance finds his way back to me, so we can grow old together, renew our love and remove all evil keeping us apart in Jesus name Amen!

  • Faith says:

    I’ve been praying for miracle money and i believe it is possible for me to receive NOW. I believe God’s answer is always “Yes” (2Cor1:20)if we pray according to His will and in the Name of Jesus. I know it is God will for me to prosper spiritualy, materialy & physically. My question is “What time is God’s time.” Does God keep us waiting for a miracle because He knows we are not ready for it? I believe faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. So when the Word comes to me, it’s God telling me “Prepair, for I’m ready to do this in your life”

  • sarah says:

    I agree God is so powerfull

  • Korankye ebenezer says:

    Please help me in prayers. I’m from Ghana, I want to travel to the states ,but it seems there is no help from any one except God. please help me in Jesus name.

  • sarah says:

    Pray for me for a soulmate. please!

  • sarah says:

    Thank you Jesus, I receive love in Jesus name; amen

  • phuti says:

    I received healing in Jesus name

  • julio d says:

    I will be free always in Jesus Christ name..amen!

  • mecbel marak says:

    Please pray for me. I went for a job interview for the post of sub divisional public relation officer and expecting the result which is going to be declared today. I am nervous. I need God’s love and blessing.

  • Mary says:

    Please Pastor, pray for me for God to answer my prayer to sell my house. Please pray for miracle healing in my brain injuries.

  • Michael G says:

    Please Lord answer my prayers for financial freedom. In Jesus’ name Amen

  • SHOBANA says:

    please pray for me,as I need to make my target at my work,as I am struggling financially,please let a mracle come my way tomorow ,let everthing work my way,please.
    bless my son Sashlin in finding new employment,shimera to excel and exceed in her school,and let her self esteem be renewed,bless Ravi my husband in his job and let him get the contract that he so derserves,bless my parents,sister and nephew.

  • abi says:

    Please, pray for me and my family especially my daughter who is suffering from autism. Please, pray for her. She struggles with speech and other behaviors. I need God to help her talk and understand in Jesus mighty name.

  • nondlela says:

    Please, pray for me! I have been trying to concieve now for about 9 years. My husband is now thinking to leave me. Please, I need prayers for the fruit of the womb.

  • Millicent says:

    Please pray for me for a miracle today.I am in so much debt I feel like I am sinking.My baby is due in 2months time and I am scared I won’t be able to provide for him and my other kids.

  • Zandile Dlamini says:

    Please pray for marriage and that my husband return back to his senses. His 2 Kids and I need him more than ever. Its been 18 months since he left.

  • jonathan says:

    I recieve a finacial miracle in my life. I need a restoration for my son’s life and family in the name of Jesus. I believe this prayer is answered right now in Jesus name!

  • Prudence says:

    I need pastor to pray for me and get the dark cloud off me…seems like I’m living my life the way someone wants me to live it….been struggling to get a job ever since I finished school…please pastor help me

  • Isaac yiga says:

    I need prayer for God to forgive me my sin which was fornicating and also heal me in my body. Amen.

  • norma says:

    Thank you God! I receive my financial miracle right now. I am healed. I’m wealthy and live in your abundance. Thank you Jesus for you are a God who can not lie! Whatever we ask in Jesus name and believe, we receive your promise and we say thank you Jesus. I am debt free, restoration of family ,daughters are in therapy drug free, family peace, harmony ,restoration of family and unity. Today I choose to follow the Lord in obedience and I won’t care what things look like because I receive my requests in faith so be it. Amen!

  • seyi williams says:

    I am healed even now in Jesus name!!!!

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