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Your Rights in Christ

on Feb 14 in Uncategorized tagged by admin

The Christian life is not an ordinary life. It is a supernatural life for supernatural men. As Christians, we must live with the consciousness of who we are in Christ. You have to leave the realm of the ordinary and come to the realm of the supernatural where you take control of the affairs of your life.

We are citizens of Zion, the heavenly Jerusalem; this is the city of the living God. As a citizen of this city you have undeniable rights; the right to live, the right to choose and the right to receive God’s blessings in Christ. It’s also important that I remind you that we have an adversary (the devil) whose mandate is to stop you from enjoying and exercising your God-given rights in Christ Jesus. If you don’t know your rights in Christ, you’ll be at his mercy, and that’s a dangerous way for you to live as a Christian.

Start today by digging into God’s Word and searching the Scriptures for yourself. Discover your rights and privileges in Christ- what He has said you can do and have, and then begin to appropriate them in your life.


  • lauiula says:

    wahoo i am so blesssed and thank you pastor for the living word and teaching of our blessed saviour Jesus Christ….god bless you more n more sir …

  • Pastor Laura says:

    Thank you sir!!!

  • Alex MONGI says:

    God bless you pastor
    Since i started to follow your lesson /teaching on dvd,internet i really experience great change.but i do not speak in toung.&i need more dvd.God bless you

  • Paulina says:

    Thank God that I am in this Ministry. i am enjoying every moment of it. The peace of Jesus Christ is prevailing in my life. I know who i am. Christ in me is the hope of glory.
    Paulina Moela
    CE Menlyn, Pretoria, South Africa

  • Pastor Nath Patrick says:

    Yes Pastor! the christian life is not ordinary

  • millicent thomas says:

    I can be no where else.

    Thank you again Pastor

  • Sam Chigama says:

    I am a success, i am journeying my way to the top. Prosperity is my birth right, i know who i am, i am a champion, a child of the most high King of the universe. As He is so am I. Glory to His holy Name, for evermore.
    I love you Pastor Chris, you have mightily impacted my life and have truly given me a meaning and purpose to live for. I work up everyday with renewed zeal and energy to advance and take new territories.

    I am eternally gratefull,
    Bro. Sam. CE Belvedere Zim
    SA Zone 5.

  • mukanga arthur says:

    i love this man of God; how sweet to be wit such a man so devine in this r generation. thank u lord Jesus 4 pastor Chris

  • priscilla says:

    im so blessed so touched by the word of God..thank you pastor Chris God bless you nw i knw my rights in christ……

  • vivian says:

    I am who God says i am, am sitted far above principalities and power , he that is in me is greater than he that is in the world. i am more than a conqueror through Christ and my life is hide in Christ Jesus. Am always excited to declare my identity because i know who am i in Christ. hallelujah!!!

  • Ajah Daniel Ogonna says:

    Pastor, you are indeed a gift to our generation. Really our right in Chrirt is not ordinary

  • Martin K. says:

    Thanks a lot man of God. Since the day i heard the Gospel of Christ through you, i have been a true believer in Christ. THANKS.

  • Ps Joel Ridach Million says:

    My Pastor and My Mentor. You have said it all, i love you so much. I declare and decree that no power or influence can stop you in the name of Jesus Christ. Bedfordview – Johannebsurg

  • Lilian I. says:

    God bless you sir. Since you taught me my rights and privileges in Christ Jesus which include to live without sicknesses, I lambano it and I who was once HIV + and then AIDs infected is today HIV – and AIDS Free. I am testifying as the true gospel of The Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Raymond Debrah says:

    Thank you man of God. I’m always blessed to hear your messages and I pant for them like never before. I’m grateful for revealing the truth about our heritage.

  • David says:

    Okay Sir, will do.

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