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Dear Pastor Chris in Christ, GREETINGS IN THE NAME OF THE LORD ALMIGHTY.TODAY I COME TO KNOW ABOUT YOU IN SINGAPORE THROUGH OUR PASTORS who attend your CONFRENCE in april.By grace I am a Bishop of "Asian federation of Independent PENTICOSTAL Churches"which have a members of 3000 numbers ALLOVER Asia. Already I conduct "Fire Confrence" yearly once in India,srilanka, dubai, , malaysia, we have a plan to conduct in "Singapore".For this now I am in singapore for planning with leaders of the churches. I want to invite you as a guest speaker to give message to our pastors and elders.Continuosely we take care of your accomadation.Sep 24, 25, 26/2013 this year.Reply urgent and help to built kingdom of heaven here. BISHOP. REV.DR.R.MONY DOSS.
Thank you pastor for helping us exercise our greatful sir.i wish it will be done everyday.God bless you sir
kurna srinivas|Saudi Arabia
pastor I am mailing from the saudiarabaia pastor I recently I got the bells palsy on the left cheek ,pl pray for me Regards kurna

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