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The Month of Placement

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The Man of God, Pastor Chris declared at the March Global Communion Service, that March is our Month of Placement! Glory to God!
Placement means assigning someone to a suitable place; a pace where one is supposed to be. Pastor Chris sated that the Lord will begin a new thing from now in our lives. He taught using Joseph’s life as an example according to the book of Genesis 50:24-25 (KJV), “And Joseph said unto his brethren, I die; and God will surely visit you, and bring you out of this land unto the land which he swore to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob. And Joseph took an oath of the children of Israel, saying, God will surely visit you, and ye shall carry my bones from hence”. The children of Israel had lived in Egypt for 400 years after Joseph’s death; they experienced the good and bad times in the land but that was not their place. Joseph by revelation, knew that the Word of God would come to pass. Of course, he found himself in Egypt and though his position was favourable to him and his people, he knew that was not his place. He knew the Israelites were going to come out of Egypt one day. And they surely did.
It does not really matter where you are or what you are doing. This is your month of Placement and God is assigning you to His original positioning for your life: It is the place where you originally belong. According to Genesis 21:1(KJV); “The Lord visited Sarah, as he had said; and the Lord did unto Sarah as he has spoken, of which God had spoken to him. For Sarah conceived and bare a son in her old age, at the set time of which God had spoken to him”.
This is your set time and God will surely visit you! To further help your faith, understanding and expectations this month, you may read the book titled ‘When God Visits You’ by Pastor Chris.
We look forward to reading you expectations and testimonies this month.
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  • good post on placement, keep it up.

  • chu says:

    Glory to God. I have been applying for a job for the last 4 months. And in march when i went to an interview i saw email from pastor chris, March- month of placement. I was very much surprised. Now i got a job before z end of march. All honour and glory be unto God!!

  • Ronke Ojo says:

    This is awesome, I was thinking of a physical placement , but the Holy Spirit just reminded me now of a placement I have experience in the realm of the spirit, I prayed this month like never before, it’s been great and awesome, thing are falling into place in every area of my life, especially my family.

  • Grey Makoni says:

    Halelluah glory to God and God is place me in my position for I’m ready to be position by God

  • Grey Makoni says:

    Thank you pastor sir surely sureiy God will Visits me Glory to God


    Thank you Pastor for the word. I have been greatly place. It has been indeed my month of placement and my year of greatness. CE Benin zone.

  • MERCY says:

    Thank you Pastor for the teaching. Surely this is my month of placement as I am waiting patiently and with hope for the Lord to place me where I am supposed to be. AMEN.

  • OSA Omoruyi says:

    It has been my month of placement ,Glory to God.thank you Sir

  • Ettie says:

    This is my month of placement. I am expectant and speaking words in line with my expectations; the Lord is taking me to that suitable place that I am supposed to be.

  • Ellah Samuel says:

    Come to think of it, when the Lord said He’s assigning me to where I ought to be, and that He’s began to do a new thing from now in my life, in His mind, its already a settled fact. Its a done deal. Gloryyyyyy ! He says what He means and means what He says. He calls the things that do not exist as though they existed. He sees the end from the beginning. Wow! There’s rejoicing in my spirit! I’m a loved child of a Love God! Halleluiah!!! Ellah Samuel, AujaZone.

  • Ellah Samuel says:

    Pastor, by the Holy Spirit, has told me the Lord has began to do a new thing from now in my life. Its a new thing entirely. Its not refurbished but completely new, that every ear that hears, will tingle and every eye that witnesses it, will marvel. The multitude saw the outstanding miracles that the Master did and they glorified God, exclaiming – ‘ we have not seen it in this fashion’! This is my story. Everyone that sees or hears of the new thing the Lord is doing, will stand in awe of the Lord and in total bewilderment of the goodmess of my Father. Glory to God! Thank You Pastor Sir. Ellah Samuel, AbujaZone.

  • Ellah Samuel says:

    I’m excited that the Lord Himself said He’s assigning me to a suitable place, where I ought to be. He told Israel, ‘I’m bringing you out, that I may bring you into a good land, a land flowing with milk and honey’. This gives me a picture of where the Lord is placing me ; an enviable position, that it’ll be clear there’s a difference between those that serve Him and those that do not. I’ve been marked, branded and sealed for an excellent life in Christ! Thank You Jesus. Ellah Samuel, AbujaZone.

  • Ellah Samuel says:

    He’s assigning me not just to any place, but to a suitable place, where every stumbling block has been hand picked out of my path, so I can enjoy the place He’s positioned me. Very thought of my Lord. That’s why His thoughts towards me, are thoughts of peace, to prosper and not harm me, to give me a future and a hope. What a life of glory!!

  • Ellah Samuel says:

    Glory to God! Its my month of placement. God’s assigning me to where I’m supposed to be. Its so awesome to know He has began a new thing in my life. He loves me so dearly. He has loved me with an everlasting love and with His loving kindness, He has pulled me to Himself. Halleluiah!!! Ellah Samuel, AbujaZone

  • Nick says:

    Pastor said “This month, God will visit you!” Find out more from this timely book WHEN GOD VISITS YOU:

  • Pastor Precious Kingsley says:

    Thank you so much pastor. It’s been a great privilege to be a partaker of this blessings. I’ve seen greater things happening in my life in this month. My walk with the Spirit has taken a new shape. Thank you so much pastor. I love you pastor.

  • Clara Ogeh says:

    In this month, the kairos and chronos of my placement has come together. Thank you Pastor.

  • Thabile nxumalo says:


  • Evylen says:

    I wil be assigned to a suitable place this month.the lord wil visit me amen! Thank you pastor

  • Indeee this is the month of placement. I’m expiriencing God’s visitation.

  • Thank you Sir, my life is moving on one direction which is upwards and forward only. And i’m sure, i’m moving on to greater heights because God have got a special place for me, he want to place to the right place where I’m supposed to be.

  • beauty edobor says:

    Awesome, i am position in a suitable position this month.thanks pastor i love u sir.

  • GUddu kumar says:

    THe light of GOd is shinihg upon me , and I m brighting in him ,this glorious month came into my life,this is his mercy and i will get my placement because of his grace.THnx pastor chriss

  • Nokutula Panganayi Ce Manchester 3 says:

    Thank you pastor. I thank God that the whole of this year of greatness he is going to place me where I am meant to be and I am going to found in the right place and at the right time

  • abimbola sunday says:

    yes ,it is my month of placement.halleluyah

  • Williams says:

    Thank you Pastor for reminding me of where I belong. I look up to God and trust in him placing me at the right place, a place of being the head, in good health, abundant peace and growth in all aspects of my life. Thank you Jesus.

  • joyce Oshiojum says:

    Thank you so much pastor!

  • Hahahahaha Surely God will visit me. I won’t miss God’s visitation. This is my set time… God is taking me where I’m suppose to be… I’m placed by Divinity. I’m deployed by the Spirit of God.. Praise the Lord!!!

  • Thank you my Father .
    The word of God always comes to pass .As the Israelites came out of Egypt ,so are we all , the believers , from what ever. We have arrived to where we are assigned by God . HALLELLUJAH .

  • Dear Pastor says:

    My Pastor , Teacher

    Thank you Sir, enough to let me know how important my words are in my life. I’m the expression of my words so i speak words of value, happiness health and success in my life.Glory to God

  • Rhema Nabanja says:

    Thank you Pastor Chris.
    missed the communion service
    was so challenged
    but this is worth meditating upon

  • Sister Nkiru Onunkwo says:

    And God visited me in this Month of Placement, Thank you Pastor…

  • Bassey Utip says:

    This is my month of placement and I have seen the hands of God upon my life. When I began to meditate on the word of God the Lord visited me and l am very optimistic that laughter has come to me. Thank you Pastor.

  • blessing kase says:

    thank you sir. our God is a loving God.placing me where im supposed to be.its a privilage that im transported by the spirit to that very place that he want me to blessed

  • Blessing Ajekwemu says:

    Wow! I am really expectance and waiting for God’s visitation. Its my birth month and I know that God is bringing me to that situable place that am suppose to be. Glory!

  • gloria says:

    Thank you pastor for this timing words for this is indeed my set time.

  • Norah Veremu says:

    As I was meditating, I personalised Genesis 21:1-2 I was filled with the Power of the Holy Spit. I Burst into laughing went on non stop for 15 minutes. As I am writing right now I am still filled with the anointing. Thank you Lord. Thank you Pastor Chris. #norah veremu cekwekwe saz5Zimbabwe

  • Norah Veremu says:

    As I was meditating, I personalised Genesis 21:1-2 I was filled with the Power of the Holy Spit. I Burst into laughing went on non stop for 15 minutes. As I am writing right now I am still filled with the anointing. Thank you Lord.

  • Norah Veremu says:

    God is assigning me where I am supposed to be. This is my set time and God will surely visit me. Thank you Pastor. #norah veremu cekwekwe saz5Zimbabwe

  • NORAH VEREMU says:

    Thank you Pastor Chris for answering to God’s call. Thank you for transforming my life, my family and the world over.

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